Ex-Con Posts Fake M4M Craigslist Ad To Get Revenge On FBI Agent

A-man-using-a-laptop-works-late-into-the-nightHell hath no fury like an ex-con scorned.

47-year-old Frederick Banks had a bone to pick with the FBI agent who busted him more than a decade ago. So he did what any upset, tech-saavy ex-con out for revenge would do: He posted a fake M4M Craigslist ad looking gay sex then included the agent’s home phone number and address.

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The agent’s named is not being released. Court documents identify him only by his initials, T.P., and indicate that he lives in Tampa, FL. 12 years ago, he investigated Banks on two different cases — a 2003 charge for selling fake and pirated software, and a 2004 charge of writing bad checks. Banks was convicted and spent about 10 years behind bars.

Apparently, he spent that entire decade stewing because the fake ad was allegedly posted on June 25, less than a month after Banks completed his final term of federal probation. It identified the T.P. as a “married white boy” seeking a male sex partner for himself and his wife, who he describes as a “blonde gorgeous girl next door type.”

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“All races welcome can play anytime,” the ad said.

As a result, T.P. claims to have received two phone calls in response.

It didn’t take the FBI long to track the fake ad back to Banks, who was living in Pittsburgh. He has been charged with stalking and harassing an FBI agent.

This week, U.S. Magistrate Judge Keith Pesto ordered he be jailed until trial.

“I find defendant is a serious threat to the safety of T.P., and family, and potentially others with whom the defendant has legal disputes,” Pesto wrote.

Neither Banks nor his attorney have released comment.

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h/t: Star Tribune