Ex-Con Suspects In Murder Of Gay Chelsea Man Arrested In Florida

The two men identified in the murder of gay Chelsea resident John Laubach were nabbed yesterday in Orlando, Florida, reports the New York Post.

Ex-cons Edwin Faulkner and Juan Carlos Martinez-Herrera are suspected of binding and gagging Laubach during a hookup that turned deadly.

Says the Post:

Laubach, 57, had known the duo for about a month before his murder, having met them at a sex-shop video parlor on Eighth Avenue, according to sources.

He had previously complained to a neighbor that one of the suspects had taken something the last time they rendezvoused, but he still let the pair into his apartment on March 2, the night he was killed…

Laubach was routinely seen bringing young men back to his pad, and there were no indications of forced entry into his home, which had been ransacked, sources said. Faulkner and Martinez-Herrera allegedly made off with the victim’s laptop and credit cards.

This story could make you think twice about your next NSA Grindr hookup. And, if you notice a hookup stealing from you—probably don’t hook up with them, ever again.