Ex-Ex-Gay Blasts Movts. Attitude

Noé Gutierrez sure has had his homosexual ups and downs. Gutierrez previously had the queers cheering when he appeared in It’s Elementary, which discussed the importance of same-sex teachings in education.

Then came a turnaround: tired of being light in the loafers, Gutierrez signed on with the ex-gay movement and even appeared in one of their videos, “I Do Exist.”

Three years later, however, Gutierrez released a statement denouncing the ex-gay population, calling it “divisive.” And now he’s taking an even harder stand against the reparative movement, especially their claims of “compassion.”

Via Box Turtle Bulletin:

As I began to sever ties to ex-gay ministry I was shocked to see how quickly people turned away their friendship and camaraderie.

It was as if overnight my name had been erased from the hearts and minds of all those who supported and “cared” for me. There was no outreach and no attempts at reconciliation. I was for all intents and purposes “disowned”.

We’ve got a feeling you’re better off, Gutierrez

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  • Jolly

    The ex-gay movement being hypocritical and lacking in true compassion? Color me shocked!

  • Paul Raposo

    I’m glad Mr. Gutierrez is speaking out. I remember reading that he had said he would no longer be involved in either LGBTQ issues, or ex-gay issues and wanted to remain silent about his life. He has an important story to tell and I’d like to hear it.

    That said, I have to ask–when he became ex-gay how did his LGBTQ friends react? Did they turn their backs on him, or remain friends; or vice versa?

  • DavidDust

    I wouldn’t mind a few “homosexual ups and downs” with Mr. Gutierrez…

  • Darth Paul

    Funny how people SAY they want to remain silent about their lives and end up never shutting up about it…

  • Jason

    I think Noe is after the controversy and attention. I wouldn’t be surprised if he went back to the ex-gay movement in a weak attempt at fame whoring.

  • Z.

    He’s just so confused. Hope he will find the right thing for himself.(Ex-gay for dummies)

  • hells kitchen guy

    And we care what this guy says because … ?

  • Typical White Person

    This dude is a low level Perez Hilton and that in and of itself is pretty pathetic.

    He is not sexually confused…just overall fucked up.

  • Z.

    I’m just laughing hard all these!

  • lighthouse

    Bleech,Bleech Gutierrez…I don’t need his attention at all. Put him somewhere that we will
    not hear from him again.

  • BobP

    Gutierrez is all over the fucking map. Are there any stands that he hasn’t taken? Hopefully, we’ve heard just about enough of what this publicity whore thinks. Please.

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