Ex-Ex-Gay Blasts Movts. Attitude

Noé Gutierrez sure has had his homosexual ups and downs. Gutierrez previously had the queers cheering when he appeared in It’s Elementary, which discussed the importance of same-sex teachings in education.

Then came a turnaround: tired of being light in the loafers, Gutierrez signed on with the ex-gay movement and even appeared in one of their videos, “I Do Exist.”

Three years later, however, Gutierrez released a statement denouncing the ex-gay population, calling it “divisive.” And now he’s taking an even harder stand against the reparative movement, especially their claims of “compassion.”

Via Box Turtle Bulletin:

As I began to sever ties to ex-gay ministry I was shocked to see how quickly people turned away their friendship and camaraderie.

It was as if overnight my name had been erased from the hearts and minds of all those who supported and “cared” for me. There was no outreach and no attempts at reconciliation. I was for all intents and purposes “disowned”.

We’ve got a feeling you’re better off, Gutierrez