Ex-Ex-Gay Takes Battle To The Stage

Just over two weeks ago we reported on a man named Noe Gutierrez: a man who joined the ex-gay movement and then renounced his ex-gay status. Despite the turn-over, Gutierrez refused to discuss his sexuality, discussing publicly that it’s not up for public discussion.

While Gutierrez may want to slink into the shadows of his own shadowy sexuality, there’s another ex-ex-gay who’d like to take his show on the road: Peterson Toscano.

After years in the ex-gay movement – and taking a wife – Toscano found himself playing missionary in Zambia, where his desire for dick – er – exploded. It took more years and more tears until he finally accepted his sexuality.

Now, back in America and a happy homo, Toscano’s penned a play on his experience, Doin’ Time in the Homo No Mo Halfway House. Promoting a Portland-based production at the gay-friendly Metropolitan Community Church, Toscano sat down with journo Scott Moore for a little chat. Here’s what he has to say about his time at ex-gay camp, Love in Action:

I stayed there and worked during the day, and at night and on weekends had intensive therapy, a lot of it based around the 12-Step Program, seeing homosexuality as an addiction. And there was some gender readjustment… We had a football clinic. Changing your oil and stuff like that.

The final involved two Russian hookers, a sling and a bucket of liube. He failed.

Toscano also traces his path to the ex-gay movement. Let’s just say it’s some scary shit. Read all about it here.

Also, head on over to Peterson’s website. He’ll love you forever.