It’s “Ex-Gay” Awareness Month! Here Are Five Former Homos And What They’ve Been Up To Lately

October is more than halfway over and we almost forgot: It’s Ex-Gay Awareness Month!

How could we let something so important slip our minds? Shame on us. Perhaps those pesky “fart demons” have been tinkering with our memories again.

Now, most “ex-gays” have a similar story: Once upon a time, they engaged in “sinful” behavior. Their bodies and hearts said “yes,” but their minds said “no.” What they were doing was “wrong,” so they made a conscious decision to behave differently and now — ta-dah! — they’re happier than ever. To prove they’ve successfully transitioned into heterosexuals, they’ve gotten married and had children. You see? They’re straight now! Honest!

Despite global consensus among doctors and scientists that being gay is totally normal and that one cannot willingly change their sexuality, these guys all insist otherwise. So we’ll have to take them at their word. At the end of the day, all we really we want is for everyone to be happy and at peace with themselves. If these fellas say they’re happy living a lie in their newfound roles as strapping heterosexual family men, so be it.

Check out these five former homosexuals we’ve reported on over the years and what they’ve been up to lately.


Ben Hobson

The Hollister-wearing father of two had everyone in tears with his emotional coming out story posted on YouTube back in May of this year.

In the video, Hobson detailed his struggles with losing his mother, marrying a woman he didn’t truly love, developing a drinking problem, and coming to terms with the root of his unhappiness: That he had been living a lie. He was gay. And it was time for him to start owning his truth.

Five months later, Hobson abandoned that story. He deleted the video, which had garnered more than half a million hits, and released a shoulder-shrugging statement claiming he’d mistaken a “bromance” for “gay feelings.” Despite “fooling around” with the guy, he insisted it meant nothing and that he was just “confused.”

“Turns out my judgement was wrong,” he said, before blaming the whole thing on “bipolar genes” passed down from his dead mother and reminding everyone that #sexualityisfluid.


Robert Oscar Lopez

The “ex-gay bisexual” and crusader against gay parents was, himself, raised by a lesbian. Evidently, however, the two don’t get along, as evidenced by Lopez’s constant trashing of his mother to the media.

Lopez became a golden child among social conservatives when he claimed that growing up in a same-sex household had damaged him, calling it “child abuse,” and saying it’s what caused his own “adult social dysfunction.” (A.K.A. His bisexuality. Or is it ex-bisexuality? We’re not sure.) In March of this year, he doubled down on his position when he compared child surrogacy to slavery.

When he’s not airing out his mommy issues for the world to see, he’s self-publishing gay erotic fiction. His novels Johnson Park: Five Gay Boys, One Street, Too Much Shade and The Melville Affair: Lust, Intrigue, and Terror Latin Style were both released last year. Needless to say, neither cracked any bestsellers lists.


Chris Doyle

The Voice of the Voiceless president spoke with us in 2013 about the struggles “ex-gay” men such as himself face on a daily basis: mockery, disrespect, online name-calling, et cetera. At the time, Doyle said he was determined to fight for the rights of “ex-gays” everywhere.

Well, it seems the married father of three is a man of his word. In addition to keeping Voice of the Voiceless afloat, last fall he conducted a secret undercover investigation to see if the health centers at Virginia’s public universities were providing adequate information on ways to become “ex-gay.”

Earlier this month, he coordinated the second annual “Ex-Gay Awareness Month Conference” in an undisclosed Washington, D.C. location. The weekend included lectures, panel discussions, luncheons, and a special screening of “ex-gay” propaganda film “Sing Over Me” with born again singer-songwriter Dennis Jernigan.


Antoine Dodson

Mr. Dodson rose to fame in 2010 with his sassy “Hide your wife! Hide your kids! Hide your husband ’cause they’re raping everybody!” statement made on a local Huntsville, AL news program.

He became somewhat of an underground gay celebrity until May of last year, when he revealed he was “no longer into homosexuality” and had become a Black Hebrew Israelite.

Said he: “I have to renounce myself, I’m no longer into homosexuality I want a wife and family, I want to multiply and raise and love my family that I create.”

One year later, Dodson announced he had officially produced an heir. He tweeted a picture of himself and his newborn son, along with the caption: “He’s here, I’m officially a dad, 6 lbs 7 oz 19 in long!!”

He later told TMZ he believes the “gay lifestyle” is “wrong” and “anti-religious.” He also said that if his son grows up to be gay, he “wouldn’t be shocked” but that “I would try and get him help.”


Alan Chambers

The former Exodus International president claims to have “overcome” his attraction to men before marrying his wife, Leslie, and adopting two children. He spent years trying to help other gay men overcome unwanted sexual desires as well, before deciding that, actually, there was no “cure” for being gay then promptly issuing a public apology and closing down Exodus International for good. Today, he says he is “haunted” by the harm he caused the gay community over the years, but he maintains that he is still happily married to Leslie. Oh, and he still thinks guys are totally sexy, too.

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