Ex-Gay Blogger To Gays: We Christians May Be Homophobic, But At Least We’re Not ISIS

matt-moore-2-360x639“Intolerance. Hatred. Bigotry. Oppression. Violation of human rights. Religious extremism. Evil,” Matt Moore, the ex-gay blogger with a Grindr profile, writes in a new op-ed published by The Christian Post. “These are words that I see used by Americans, both gay and straight, to describe the Church’s stance on sexuality.”

“But I’d like you to step back for a second and consider what is happening across the pond in a land far, far away, to people like you,” Moore writes.

The “land far, far away” he’s referring to is Mosul, Iraq. And the incident he’s alluding to happened late last month when members from the Islamic State terrorist group, also known as ISIS, released disturbing images showing a man suspected of being gay being thrown from a seven floor building, surviving the fall, then being stoned to death as he lay helpless on the ground.

“This…..” Moore writes, “this is intolerance. This is hatred. This is bigotry. This is oppression. This is violation of human rights. This is religious extremism. This is evil.”

Moore is right about one thing. It certainly is evil. Unfortunately, this is the one and only coherent point he makes in his entire blog post before descending into complete and utter madness:

“The message of the gospel, the message that saturates this blog and the words of so many people out there that you might think are being hateful toward you, is not a message of ‘adhere to our belief system or we are going to throw you off of a roof,'” Moore explains. “If that’s what we were saying, you would have every right to be disgusted with us. You would have every right to slam us. You would have every right to try to shut us down. But thankfully, that’s not what we’re saying. Not even close.”

Matt, if you’re reading, no one is afraid you’re going to throw them off a roof. And, honestly, we don’t care if you hate us or not either. Just don’t impede upon our civil rights or force your Christian fundamentalist beliefs down our throats. That’s all we’re asking.

“Disagree with us if you wish — that’s your prerogative,” Moore writes. “We’re not going to throw you off a roof for it. Step back and look at the world and re-evaluate your definitions of love and hate. What ISIS is doing is what real hatred looks like.”

Again, Matt, if you’re reading, if you want to see what real hatred looks like, take a glimpse in a mirror. And leave the innocent man who was murdered by ISIS terrorists out of this.

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