Ex-Gay Couple Split!

Madonna‘s divorce definitely grabbed headlines, but here’s one that we find far more fascinating: ex-gay activists Greg Quinlan and Cheryl Quinlan called it quits.

The couple became poster children for the “cured queer” movement and even used their marriage as a political chip, like when Greg Quinlan testified to Ohio lawmakers that he and his wife were proof gays don’t need marriage rights – we can just go straight! Said Mr. Quinlan:

Tens of thousands of homosexuals have changed and more desire to change. Homosexuality is a behavior–not a genetic trait. Based on verifiable evidence, there is no justification for same sex marriage, civil unions, or domestic partnership legislation. None.

My wife and I are living proof–along with thousands of others–that persons with same-sex attraction can, and have, changed–and thereby can marry and be happy again.

We have chosen to follow the Manufactures’ specific guidelines for our lives. That means committed to one another as man and woman.

Poor Greg spoke too soon, huh?