“Ex-Gay” Editor Still Talking

Michael Glatze may have disavowed his homosexuality, but he’s certainly not above sitting down with a homo-journo for a little chat, as he’s done with Gay City News‘ Doug Ireland.

Of course Glatze talks about his conversion, how he saw the light and concluded that faggotry’s but a sinful distraction from God’s “path”. Glatze also offers his thoughts on his same-sex relationships, particularly with his ex-boyfriend, Benjie Nycum. Though Glatze describes their love as “divine”, the bad outweighs the good: “In the homosexual desire, there is a craving that has a sense of need and along with it the sense that we are doing something wrong.” Um, right. Isn’t all sex somehow influenced by feelings of taboo? All good sex, at least.

Glatze goes on to deify his seed, claiming sex should have but one purpose: procreation. Sexuality isn’t a part of a person. It’s a mission. “If I tried to have sex with a guy, it would steal his sexuality. We have within us the power and important ability to create life.” All good men and women must combat homosexuality, he says, lest the entire world go gay:

The more homosexuality is accepted, the more homosexuals there are. The more we perpetuate the gay identity to children, the more homosexuals there are. The homosexual mindset is that they always want to find more homosexuals.

It’s true. Whenever we leave the house, all we can think is, “Find the fag, find the fag.” We’ve got no other interests. Absolutely none.

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  • Bloggernista

    In my world view, everyone is gay until proven otherwise. That makes it real easy to “find the fag” because nearly everyone is.

  • Ash

    I can’t believe someone who was so vocal in the gay world actualy talks this crap.

    “It’s true. Whenever we leave the house, all we can think is, “Find the fag, find the fag.” We’ve got no other interests. Absolutely none.” – one of the funniest things ever written on queerty

  • Paul Raposo

    Hear what Benjie Nycum has to say about all this:


    Mr. Nycum doesn’t hold any malice towards his ex and asks people to forgive him. It’s hard to forgive a man who destroys a nine year relationship to pursue a fictional character who performed magic tricks millenniums ago.

    The most heart breaking parts are when he breaks down while talking about their relationship and how the moneyed gay community reacted to their pleas for help in keeping their magazine alive.

    Oddly enough, he Michael his father for cheating on his mother and breaking up the family to pursue another woman, yet Mike broke up his family with little remorse.

    Funny, he claims to be straight, yet is obsessed with another man!

    Ash, it’s apparent that Mr. Glatze is some sort of obsessive compulsive personality. These people do everything in extremes. He was extremely gay, now he’s extremely anti-gay.

    Apparently he had a massive fear of death and was in the ER “every 20 minutes” thinking he was dying. That would explain his desperate need to now procreate–to leave a legacy that his failed magazine could not fulfill. If his kids turn out as screwed up as he is now, god help Fred Phelps, because he’ll have a lot more competition.

  • Paul Raposo

    Further, what really pisses me off is that the ability he had to reach out to LGBTQ youth to make them feel whole and loved, he will now use to attack those youth and make them feel shame and self-loathing.

  • commeca

    Why are gay papers and websites still giving this asshole a platform to babble on and on about his neuroses (yes, dear, that’s the plural of neurosis)? He needs to be in the care of a competent professional and until then he should get back into the closet he seems to have loved.

  • Martini-boy

    By the way, Raposo:

    The plural of millennium is MILLENNIA.

  • Ash

    Eh, Paul always has good stuff to say. I think we can forgive one little grammar mistake.

  • GoodBuddy

    Don’t expect Michael Glatze to disappear from the news anytime soon. He’s sort of the Britney Spears of gaydom.

    Who can look away from such a train wreck?

    I have a friend who is an ex-gay. He went to a lot of trouble coming out with all of his friends and co-workers while in his mid-thirties. He picked a number of bad partners and after a while decided the gay life was too harsh, so he made the switch back. The thing is, that now as a straight man, he continues to make bad choices in relationships, which all eventually disintegrate. Part of freedom is the right to make bad choices. I wouldn’t give that up.

  • Jack Jett

    I bet that if David Beckham came knocking on his butthole, he would open up and be gay again.

    Jack Jett

  • Paul Raposo

    “Eh, Paul always has good stuff to say.”

    Ah, shucks, Ash 8^)

  • KJ

    Paul, thanks for the link to the interview with Benjie. He clearly still loves Michael.

    I may be wrong about this, but I have read elsewhere that Michael was baptized into the LDS church (Mormons) earlier this year. I may also be wrong about this, since I have no LDS background, but I believe that having children is an important part of the salvation of members of that faith, and certainly could contribute to the fervor we see Michael demonstrating.

  • Paul Raposo

    “Michael was baptized into the LDS church (Mormons) earlier this year”

    Correct. A church in Halifax:


    “Then on Saturday was relaxing and fun. the morning/afternoon relaxed, then we went to the church at 4 for the baptism of Michael Glatze. He is very cool, he seems so excited to have found the gospel, it is very inspiring.”

    I don’t know if having kids is one of the tenets of Mormonism. However, I know two Mormon families and one has seven kids and the other has 11, with a twelfth on the way, so all evidence points to “yes.”

    Should we send Mike a pamphlet with directions and line drawings telling him “how to”?

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