“Ex-Gay” Editor Still Talking

Michael Glatze may have disavowed his homosexuality, but he’s certainly not above sitting down with a homo-journo for a little chat, as he’s done with Gay City News‘ Doug Ireland.

Of course Glatze talks about his conversion, how he saw the light and concluded that faggotry’s but a sinful distraction from God’s “path”. Glatze also offers his thoughts on his same-sex relationships, particularly with his ex-boyfriend, Benjie Nycum. Though Glatze describes their love as “divine”, the bad outweighs the good: “In the homosexual desire, there is a craving that has a sense of need and along with it the sense that we are doing something wrong.” Um, right. Isn’t all sex somehow influenced by feelings of taboo? All good sex, at least.

Glatze goes on to deify his seed, claiming sex should have but one purpose: procreation. Sexuality isn’t a part of a person. It’s a mission. “If I tried to have sex with a guy, it would steal his sexuality. We have within us the power and important ability to create life.” All good men and women must combat homosexuality, he says, lest the entire world go gay:

The more homosexuality is accepted, the more homosexuals there are. The more we perpetuate the gay identity to children, the more homosexuals there are. The homosexual mindset is that they always want to find more homosexuals.

It’s true. Whenever we leave the house, all we can think is, “Find the fag, find the fag.” We’ve got no other interests. Absolutely none.