“Ex-Gay” Matt Moore Wasn’t On Grindr For Sex, But Is Still Gay (Kinda)

matt moore 2Ex-gay activist Matt Moore, who was caught trolling on Grindr a few months back, said he was just having a curious look and wasn’t there for all the headless torsos and the occasional “sup.”

“Basically I just wanted to see who was on it and who was around me,” Moore told Michelangelo Signorile. “I can honestly say that I didn’t have any kind of sexual conversations with anyone. Anyone who sent me any kind of explicit photos or conversations, I blocked immediately. The first time I got on it, I wanted to go out and I wanted to go to the gay bars in New Orleans. So I was trying to meet someone on there to basically tag along with. That was the reason I was originally on it.”

After being re-outed, Moore decided to forsake all hookup-enabling technology by selling his computer and locking his phone. Because, you know, he’s still gay and all.

“I think the way the articles were written, they’re based on the assumption that when I became a Christian, I became straight and that I did not have homosexual feelings anymore and that my presence on Grindr was pointing out that I basically lied,” he said. “I had never, ever said any of those things.”

What he did say in his final — as in he’ll no longer be blogging — post is that his homosexual life is behind him and now he is simply a “blood-bought child of God.” Which sounds painful. However, Moore is still attracted to the mens, conceding that it is “impossible to change yourself.” That being said, it never hurts to try so Moore just abstains from acting on those hot, lustful, gay feelings.

But back to Moore’s retirement. The blogger is stepping away from the “hundreds of thousands of people (based on the blog stats)” and leaving the ex-gay proselytizing to the professionals:

There are many out there (like Julie Rodgers) who publicly communicate on the subject of homosexuality and the gospel that are so much more able to not only do this better than I do — but are also able to handle everything that comes along with it (like publicity, attention, praise and criticism) much better than I do. These folks are seasoned believers who have walked with The Lord for years and years, gaining maturity and wisdom that far exceed that which I possess. I am so thankful for God raising these men and women up and equipping them to do this much needed work. I hope you all will join me in praying for them often.

Does praying something bad will happen to them count? No, that’s negative. When we pray to our patron saint Beyoncé, who art in Dereon, we’ll make sure to pray that Moore has the strength and courage to load more guys. “Into?”