Ex-Gay Minister Jim Domen Hops On The Anti-Abortion Bandwagon

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There’s no reason a gay person should automatically be pro-choice. Sure, someone who demands the right to do what they want with their body sexually should allow others to do what they want with their reproductive systems. But when it comes to decisions for yourself and your family, it’s a very personal thing. Right?

Not to Pastor Jim Domen, it isn’t.

In a video launched this week (see below), Pastor Jim shares the story of his wife’s miscarriage at 15 weeks. Interspersed with footage of a toddler (obviously not “Baby Samantha”), Jim rattles off statistics about fetal heartbeats and the number of first-trimester abortions in America. He’s asking viewers to kick in $20.12 this year “to help end abortion in California and United States.” ($20.12 in 2012—how cute!)


That would be bad enough, except that Pastor Jim used to be a flaming, cock-sucking homo. He even shared his testimony about “coming out of the gay lifestyle” on The 700 Club.

Domen worked to pass Prop 8 in California (the photo of him above was taken right after the measure passed) and even proposed an Ex-Gay Pride Month. But we guess hating on the gays wasn’t enough for Domen—now he’s got to hate on women, too. Is a guy who’s jury-rigged some kind of heterosexual sham really someone who should be speaking out about morality? Probably not.

We feel terrible for Domen’s wife, Amanda. Not just for the loss of her baby—but because she’s shackled herself to such a hate-filled, manipulative and deluded man. A man who would turn a family tragedy into propaganda to fill his coffers.

All together now: What a douche!