Ex-Gay Minister Jim Domen Hops On The Anti-Abortion Bandwagon

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There’s no reason a gay person should automatically be pro-choice. Sure, someone who demands the right to do what they want with their body sexually should allow others to do what they want with their reproductive systems. But when it comes to decisions for yourself and your family, it’s a very personal thing. Right?

Not to Pastor Jim Domen, it isn’t.

In a video launched this week (see below), Pastor Jim shares the story of his wife’s miscarriage at 15 weeks. Interspersed with footage of a toddler (obviously not “Baby Samantha”), Jim rattles off statistics about fetal heartbeats and the number of first-trimester abortions in America. He’s asking viewers to kick in $20.12 this year “to help end abortion in California and United States.” ($20.12 in 2012—how cute!)


That would be bad enough, except that Pastor Jim used to be a flaming, cock-sucking homo. He even shared his testimony about “coming out of the gay lifestyle” on The 700 Club.

Domen worked to pass Prop 8 in California (the photo of him above was taken right after the measure passed) and even proposed an Ex-Gay Pride Month. But we guess hating on the gays wasn’t enough for Domen—now he’s got to hate on women, too. Is a guy who’s jury-rigged some kind of heterosexual sham really someone who should be speaking out about morality? Probably not.

We feel terrible for Domen’s wife, Amanda. Not just for the loss of her baby—but because she’s shackled herself to such a hate-filled, manipulative and deluded man. A man who would turn a family tragedy into propaganda to fill his coffers.

All together now: What a douche!

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  • Danny

    There are out and proud bisexuals, and then there are self loathing bisexuals who don’t want to be called bisexual. Ex-gays are the self laoathing variety of bisexuals, and they hate it when you call them bisexual. It drives them nuts.

  • dee-dee

    I’m sure everyone can come up with a better word than ‘douche’ for this scum.

  • Plankton Menace

    His wife, Beardetta, is lovely even with her cheap wig.

  • Shannon1981

    Anyone of these ex gay hacks is worthy of the DOTW honor. Good job, Queerty.

  • Johnny

    I really feel sorry for these people.
    Society and religion teach them to hate themselves and they end up living a lie.

    Truly pathetic.

  • Akula

    You know I’d have no problem with the anti-abortion people if they put some serious coin tword taking care of these kids once they are born, but they don’t as a matter of fact they go the opposite way and try to take any programs that do exist away. Just more great “christians”

  • Shannon1981

    The thing about ex gay therapy is this: not only does it not work, it makes you fucking crazy. No, really, it does. I went to one of these places. Nothing anyone who continues to buy into this shit instead of rising above it says surprises me. At all. Ever.


    this video has deeply affected me.
    i intend to change my name to king herod and volunteer at a daycare center.

  • Chad

    So this is an anti-abortion campaign but why does it go into same sex marriage and all that??

  • David B

    Does Mr. Domen realize he’s using a Sigur Ros song? A band whose lead singer is gay?

  • George

    “You know I’d have no problem with the anti-abortion people if they put some serious coin tword taking care of these kids once they are born, but they don’t as a matter of fact they go the opposite way and try to take any programs that do exist away. Just more great “christians””

    What are you talking about the Christian churches are the largest charity organizations on Earth. Combined they do an incredible amount for children around the world. Though they really should stop covering for pedophiles.

  • PerryBrass

    The tragedy of the Ex-Gay movement is how sleazily duplicitous it is: every single ex-gay alive will tell you that being an “ex-gay” is a constant, uphill, never-ending battle. They can couch it in terms of a battle between good and evil, Jesus and the devil, and David and Goliath. But they will never tell the truth that the battle is between their real selves and the self they want to sell the world: the one that is no longer gay. So, the slide-backs among ex-gays are numerous and the amount of real soul-killing they do is horrifying. I wonder what their suicide rate is?

  • Mikey

    “There’s no reason a gay person should automatically be pro-choice..”

    Exactly, so why is Queerty taking a pro-abortion stance??? I’m gay and against abortion for two reasons:

    1. Unless someone can tell me at exactly the moment a person becomes a human being, abortion should be illegal

    2. Scott Peterson was charged with DOUBLE-homicide for killing his pregnant wife. How can the unborn child be considered a human being when his father kills him/her, but just a ‘reproductive choice’ and completely acceptable, if his/her mother does it??


    Remember people, when the ‘gay gene’ is discovered, and scientists can tell pregnant women whether their child will be gay or not, how many do you think will choose to have a gay child, as opposed to waiting for a straight one?

  • George

    They already abort children if they’re girls in certain parts of the world. If they find a “gay gene” or some other thing that indicates homosexuality you can guarantee there will be a lot of gay abortions

  • Robert in NYC

    My gaydar tells me Domen’s face is so gay.

  • Alexi3

    The “ex-gay” scene is simply an extention of or analagous to what I experienced when I was in seminary. These folks are trapped between the person the church insists they become and the person they know themselves to be. I actually feel very sorry for them and hope that sometime in their life have the courage to accept themselves and enjoy the feeling of liberation that comes with self-acceptance. However, until then we must be on guard and work against their works of hate; like Prop 8.

  • David B

    Hey! I contacted Sigur Ros and got the vid taken down! do I get hero of the week? ;P

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