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Ex-Gay Nut Calls For Dan Savage To Be Arrested For Creating “It Gets Better”

Rev. Darryl L. Foster has about as much understanding of the American legal system as he does human sexuality. Last week on Peter LaBarbera’s Americans For Truth About Homosexuality Radio Hour, the ex-gay activist argued columnist Dan Savage should be arrested because he tells LGBT kids things will “get better” when they get older.

It’s really indicative of the character of these individuals… Dan Savage, is also the creator of the so-called anti-bullying It Gets Better charade. You know, homosexual kids are still killing themselves after believing his message. I think he—personally—I think he should be arrested for propagating this lie to—for these kids to have this false promise without any sort of information on what is ‘it’ anyway? It’s really so vile to me that it disturbs me to even talk about it.

We’ve expressed our reservations with the It Gets Better project—how it presumes all LGBT youth will move away, go to college and live in big cities—but we still think its a noble effort. Even if it wasn’t, though, it’s not a crime to propagate unrealistic expectations. If it was, Foster, LaBarbera and everyone at Americans For Truth About Homosexuality would be rotting away in San Quentin.

Click here for the whole nauseating exchange.

Source: Right Wing Watch. Photo: FaithTalkMinistries.com

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  • christopher di spirito

    A lot of people posting on Queerty stopped just short of calling for Dan Savage to be arrested. The contempt people on this blog have for him is staggering. I don’t get it.

  • Shannon1981

    @christopher di spirito: I think Dan presents a healthy face regarding sexuality and real gay life. I think the contempt, though, comes from the fact that he has said some pretty biphobic and transphobic things in the past, and then holds himself up as a spokesperson for the LGBT community. The B and the T count as well. Overall, I think he does a great job, but I know where people who dislike him are coming from as well.

  • Cam

    Another freaked out self hating closet case.

    If his life is so wonderful now that he claims he isn’t gay, then why is it he can’t seem to stop thinking about gays or talking about them.

    What a douchebag.

  • Nelson G

    Let’s not be naive, Chris. Dan Savage has said some pretty fucked up things about other LGBT people. As far as IGBP goes, with five recent cases of LGBT teen suicide this past month alone, it’s become obvious that it’s not enough anymore for one to post
    a video on YouTube and cut a PSA promo for The Trevor Project especially when one of the victims was a Trevor Project employee.

    Anyone who believes otherwise has their head elsewhere.

    That said, DL Foster needs to take a good long look in the mirror. The list of
    people who’ve wound up emotionally ruined because of people like DL are in the

  • Paul Mc

    I posted on his blog, tried to debate with him – he is one of the most nauseating and ignorant of these so-called ex-gays.

    I don’t know him but his behaviour and comments lead me to suspect he is an inch away from DSM Personality Disorder.

    Blaming the Its Gets Better project for criminal responsibility for teen suicide, when quite clearly the suicides were going on both before and sadly after this meme appeared, is a height of cognitive dissonance. But then, ex-gays are absolute masters in that area.

    “If I don’t call myself gay then I’m not gay”
    “If I don’t do gay sex then I’m not gay”
    “If I call my inate attractions, ‘temptations’ then I’m not gay”




    Deeply deluded and a profoundly offensive man who shouldn’t be within a mile of a teenager for the very real threat he presents to their mental health.

  • Shannon1981

    @Paul Mc: Dude, I was around folks like that most of my adolescence when the church folks attempted to “cure” me. Don’t bother with these people. For real. They are, as you say, damaging to one’s mental health.

    Gotta give it to this one, though…he’s up there. I’d rank him higher than anyone I’ve interacted with personally.

  • Oh, ok.

    Why waste your energy blaming the victim? He’s a double-minority who had to deal with everything that comes with that.

    He snapped, he broke, it’s not his fault. Focus on the real enemy, ignore him. I just feel bad for the guy.

    That said Dan Savage only used “It Gets Better” to market himself and create a brand. A television show on MTV and a charity that keeps his pocket lined. He’s proven to be a racist, transphobic, and an overall asshole. Every negative comment he gets is deserved so he really shouldn’t get any defense at all. It’s crazy how many people ignore the nasty things he does, I can understand his main audience made up of white teens who are too young to understand what’s wrong with how he behaves, but I can’t figure out why an adult would ignore his awful comments.

  • the crustybastard

    So is this Christian actually calling for incarcerating a citizen for advocating homosexuality?

    Well, how Ugandan of him.

    No doubt, if Dan Savage called for incarcerating clergy for advocating Christianity, this asshole would have a fucking aneurism.

  • ble.dout.colo.r

    @ Oh, ok

    Why is eveeverrything about race with you?I have read a lot of articles and ecerytime you.comment it is always about white privelige. Tbqh you seem racist towards white people. Letting him get away with talking like.that just because he is black is.ridiculous. Its not true equality. When I saw his.picutre I didn’t even think about his race. Why cant it be the same with everyone? Then we wouldn’t have to worry about race issues. Sorry for misspellings. I typed this on a tablet and the.screen keepins shaking making It
    hard to type. Queerty really needs.to.fix their site for mobile devices : m

  • christopher di spirito

    To Dan Savage’s critics, what have any of YOU done to stem the tide of gay youth suicide from antigay bullying? What’s that? Yeah, crickets.

  • Oh, ok.

    @ble.dout.colo.r: You’re an idiot.

    I wrote quite a bit and all you read was “he’s a double minority”. Get over yourself, you’re trying to make it about race. I said nothing about race at all, double minority includes the fact that he’s gay.

    Mentioning that he’s a double minority is looking at the fact that he’s taking it both ways(very punny) getting negativity for two things and having to deal with that.

    You can continue crying about nonsense I didn’t even post by yourself. The fact that you even retain information about previous comments I’ve made as an anonymous poster on a random blog just shows me how pathetic you are. Get a life and focus on people you actually know. If you had more to do with your life this wouldn’t be so important to you.

    Trying to prove some random anonymous person online is supposedly racist against white people is a ridiculously stupid goal. Evaluate your life.

  • tookietookie

    This guy looks like he’s looking into a glory hole cam.

  • B

    No. 3 · Cam wrote, “Another freaked out self hating closet case.”

    I’m holding out for him being straight – why should gays be the ones who have to claim him?

  • mylife

    Dan Savage is a racist prick. This new show on LOGO has little to do with the kids and much to do with Dan taking the next step in his “career.” But, if you guys want to be fooled by it all, enjoy.

  • Nelson G

    @christopher di spirito: Hey Chris, if you want to support a necrophiliac pimp, by all means; Have at it.

    In the meantime, I like to redirect the rest of this post to DL Foster:

    If you’re going to quote some of us, have the balls to quote all of what we’re saying and writing about you. In fact,if you want to show by example, why don’t you turn yourself in since you’re no better, if not worse than Savage?

  • Cam

    @Oh, ok.: said…

    “Why waste your energy blaming the victim? He’s a double-minority who had to deal with everything that comes with that.
    He snapped, he broke, it’s not his fault. Focus on the real enemy, ignore him. I just feel bad for the guy.
    That said Dan Savage only used “It Gets Better” to market himself and create a brand”

    So this guy, who attacks the gay community should be forgiven for it all because he is a minority and it isn’t his fault. Whereas Savage has zero interest in the gay community and is evil.

    Wow, you really seem to have some issues.

  • Oh, ok.

    @Cam: You’re basing this on your zero knowledge of me.

    Again, I can tell when someone spends entirely too much time on the internet and has no life when people post crap like that. Stop trying to get personal with an anonymous person you don’t know.

    I posted the same thing about the white republican kid who got run out of his school, yet morons like you keep trying to make everything I say about race because you have no lives, and spend entirely too much time making commenting on blogs your life.

    Dan Savage is unrelated to this topic and once again proves you have nothing better to do than save space in your memory for comments on a blog. I mean seriously you consider “Oh, ok.” a person you know and bother to remember posts I’ve made on other articles recently. Get a shrink, evaluate your life, plan some real goals.


  • David

    I agree mylife. Let’s also not forget how Dan Savage is highly transphobic, biphobic, and how he hates women. He’s nothing but a media whore and he doesn’t actually give a shit about GLBT youth just his career, fame, and money.

  • David

    It gets better is just a bullshit PR campaign, nothing more. Telling kids to put up with bullying until they leave school is not constructive advice. It’s cruel. School boards, school administrators, teachers, etc, need to have zero tolerance policy for bullying. It’s not uncommon for teachers to bully unpopular kids themselves. That’s where the changes need to be made… The reason “It Gets Better” caught on with politicians and celebrities is because it’s great PR and it requires absolutely NOTHING from them in the way of real action. LGBT kids who are making IGB videos are killing themselves so it’s pointless.

  • Oh, ok.

    @David: Thank you! You hit the nail on the head.

    The mindless legion refuse to wake up to that fact. They’re so willing to be played because celebrities ok’d it. If a celebrity backs anything mindless morons go right along with it because they’re so starstruck.

    Sit in front of a camera for 5 minutes tops rambling on about how your life got so much better after being bullied. Turn off the camera and go about your life pretending you changed the world. Meanwhile another kid, teen, or adult takes their own life. But hey, at least Dan Savage got a television deal out of it…right?

  • Danny

    Interesting how straight black minister support equality, and gay black ministers who claim to be “straight” or “ex-homosexual” are still gay and oppose equality. It is absurd. There’s this nutjob preacher in Washington State who opposes equality and is the gayest thing since slice bread if you see him interviewed – literally queen of denial; who does he think he’s fooling? Same with this nutjob.

    Wonder if this guy is HIV+ and trying to get back in the good graces of his family and community by labeling himself “ex-homosexual” – happens a lot with such folks going back into the closet to try to win favor with disapproving parents and siblings. Talk about a tragic existence – he cannot even learn to love himself for who is. If you cannot love yourself as you are, you can never truly love anyone else. What a sad life. He has cursed himself by not learning to love his big gay self.

  • B

    No. 19 · David wrote, “Telling kids to put up with bullying until they leave school is not constructive advice. It’s cruel. School boards, school administrators, teachers, etc, need to have zero tolerance policy for bullying.”

    I don’t think anyone is telling kids to put up with bullying. Rather, the “it gets better” videos are an attempt to avoid having these kids kill themselves because they think how they are now being treated is how they will be treated for the rest of their lives. It is reasonable to criticize “it gets better” if you think it is ineffective, but all they are doing really, whether effectively nor not, is to follow “First Aid 101”: stop the bleeding and keep the victim breathing as well as you can until someone with some training gets there.

    The problem is that it takes time to get school boards and administrators to get anything done. Until you can get them to respond effectively, you need some stop-gap measure, and that’s all that the “it gets better” videos are. If they prevent a few suicides, they’ve done something useful, but they are not a substitute for fixing the real problem.

  • BubbasBack

    Down with this jerk! Down with Dan Savage and all our so-called spokespeople! Down with the false prophets! Burp.

  • CBRad

    Aside from the Savage topic, I actually feel bad for Foster. He must think that these types of attacks so reaffirm the “fact” that he’s straight now. That’s how traumatized he is by his own sexuality which is probably constantly rearing itself in temptation. If it was just a bunch of mature adults around him we could just nod and “yes” him to death and ignore it, but we sort of do have to come down hard on guys like that, because who knows how many young gay and lesbian kids his talk will cause unecessary suffering to.

  • Geri

    Does anybody know where I can buy an ex-masochist t shirt?

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