Ex-Gay Pastor Warns Gays Possess “Demonic Element,” “It’s Only Downhill From Here”

Screen shot 2015-09-02 at 1.47.17 PMGay people, take heed. A “demonic element” has crept into your bodies and it wants to force you to have sex with Satan and destroy your chances of ever getting into Heaven. At least, according to ex-gay pastor Nate Oyloe.

Oyloe (pictured), who works as the Youth and College Age Director at Outpost Ministries in Minnesota, recently sat down with Christian radio host Paul Ridgeway to gab about the dramatic increase in the number of straight people “going off with a gay partner and leaving their families.”

“I think part of that is there’s more freedom within culture to do that,” Oyloe opined, “but I do think that there’s also a very demonic element. That component is in play and people are just giving themselves over to whatever.”

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In the past, Oyloe has claimed that homosexuality is rooted in the sinful and demonic realm of Paganism.

“This is why the movement to promote homosexuality is so powerful,” he claimed. “It has a spiritual component. When the creature is worshiped rather than the Creator, demons are present.”

That demon’s name, according to Oyloe, is “Baal.”

So how exactly does Baal take hold of a person? Perhaps it’s best if we let Oyloe explain:

“Well, with men, generally speaking, there tends to be a disconnect from their masculinity or a core sense of strength,” he told Ridgeway. “They were never able to cross that mystical barrier into manhood so there’s something lacking on the inside.”

For women, Oyloe added, “it’s a little different.”

“With women, there tends to be more of a rejection of their femininity because it’s seen as a vulnerability,” he explained. “Maybe they saw mom being abused by another man or maybe they themselves experienced some kind of physical or sexual abuse so they’ve had to reject that very core part of who they are.”

The whole thing, Oyloe claimed, has “accelerated at a shocking level.”

“I was blown away that, you know, right on the heels of the Supreme Court decision legalizing gay marriage that the transgender issue exploded in the media,” he said, regretfully. “It’s only downhill from here.”

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