Ex-Gay Pres. Either An Idiot or Brainwashed


A reader sent us this video featuring Alan Chambers, President of the world’s premiere ex-gay organization, Exodus International. In it, Chambers claims that most gay people don’t care about discrimination laws and that America may be “the most tolerant society in the history of the world.”

It’s a bit heavy-handed, but definitely worth a view – especially in these mid-morning hours when we all need to to get the blood pumping.

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  • patrick

    I think he does have a point, many gays don’t really think about these issues…but that is a direct result of NEVER knowing that these laws should exist…you don’t miss what YOU NEVER HAD! we are hated and ignored and that accounts for a lot of the truly bad behavior of the the gay community…

  • Martini-boy

    “One of the myths is that the majority of gay people are interested in gay marriage”

    Well, it doesn’t take a genius to figure that one out: OF COURSE not all gay men are interested in marriage, precisely because not all gay men want to get married. Gay men are anything but clones. I’m not sure exactly what Chambers is trying to get at with this, but it is just the same as saying that not all women CHOOSE to marry, and not all men CHOOSE to stay bachelors (for whatever reason). The key point here is that the activists are pushing for the CHOICE to marry (opportunities/options are important for everyone), rather than the current state of being downright rejected just because of one’s sexual orientation/preference.

    Chamber’s argument is a whole crock of poo.

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