Ex-Gay Pride Rally Expected To Draw “Thousands” Attracts Less Than Ten People

ExGay4After planning an ex-gay pride banquet, turning it into “ex-gay month” due to lack of interest, and canceling the entire thing altogether, a number of ex-gay warriors finally got their moment in the spotlight yesterday at the first ever Ex-Gay Pride rally in front of the Supreme Court in Washington, D.C.

The sun was shining, the breeze was warm, and smiles were wide as former gays came together to demand “equal rights” from the “heterophobic” extremist LGBT activists and their “anti-pro choice” agenda. The event, previously expected to draw people “by the thousands,” was enjoyed by all seven people in attendance.

Christopher Doyle, the event’s organizer, told the Christian Post that attendance numbers were low (virtually nonexistent) “because of all this homo-fascism and indoctrination in the media, ex-gays aren’t given a fair shake.”

Joining Doyle at the event were ex-gay activists Greg Quinlan of Parents and Friends of Gays and Ex-Gays (PFOX), Richard Cohen of the International Healing Foundation, Douglas McIntyre of Homosexuals Anonymous, and Chuck Peters, a research assistant to Doyle.

Peters gave one of the more impassioned speeches of the day: “We are ex-queers and we’re not going anywhere so get used to us!,” he shouted, fumbling to catch the pink sequin purse falling out of his mouth.

“Hip hip hurray for ex-gays! Hip hip hurray for ex-gays! Hip hip hurray for ex-gays!”

Next year, perhaps they could spice things up by hiring a Cher impersonator to speak? Better yet, can we just request that Chuck Peters come as Cher? He looks like he has a few good drag tricks up that fabulous sleeve.

[Photo via Right Wing Watch]

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  • adam madam

    “. . . fumbling to catch the pink sequin purse falling out of his mouth.”

    Really, Queerty? Really?

  • hyhybt

    Seeing the Supreme Court building covered like that always makes me think of an episode of Get Smart, where someone is blowing up important buildings and the government is keeping it secret by building empty shells of them by morning.

  • dvlaries

    They can’t even blame it on the weather; this has been one of the most merciful summers in these parts in years.

  • Kangol

    Did the 10 pair up into 5 ex-gay couples after this sorry spectacle is over.

  • boring

    You can’t claim to be ex-gay and use the phrase “hip hip hooray.” It just doesn’t work.

  • SteveBmke

    And after they all went to Crew Club in DC to “Work Out” together…..

  • Ridpathos

    They can be as ex-gay as they want. Just tell them to leave us alone.

  • DarkZephyr

    Where does he get the idea that we will “stop at nothing” to attack them? I don’t give a crap if they want to be with the opposite sex. The only thing about them that I have a problem with is their hateful and demoralizing message. That LGBT people are somehow broken and need to be fixed. For this reason they have blood on their hands. THAT is the only problem I have with them. Period.

  • ZeeZee

    Christopher Doyle blamed the low attendance numbers on “because of all this homo-fascism and indoctrination in the media, ex-gays aren’t given a fair shake.”

    I say that despite all that hetero-fascism and indoctrination in the media that we had endured for years, WE STILL SHOWED UP, IN BIG NUMBERS, EVERY DAMN TIME!

  • Dakotahgeo

    What an absolute hoot these silly (or is that…thilly guys…) people are. Thanks for the video… it was my good laugh for the day!

  • rand503

    They protested on the steps of the Supreme Court? So if your rights are violated, file a lawsuit!

  • ouragannyc

    that’s the best laugh I’ve had in month: “hip hip horray for ex-gays, we’re proud and we’re going no where.”
    Seriously, who’s backing these loosers?

  • hyhybt

    @ZeeZee: Yes, but large numbers of gay people *exist.*

  • BlogZilla

    LOL! This is hilarious

  • BlogZilla

    @1:12sec, “I’m an ex-gay and my wife sticks dildos up my ass regularly and I beg her to do the cuckold lifestyle with super hung black guys so they can come over and fuck me like the man bitch I am while my wife watches.”

  • tookietookie

    Aww…you just sort of want to tell them it’s 2013. So funny and so sad at the same time. The hip, hip, hooray thing…ouch. The grainy “yesteryear” look of the video combined with the outdated fashion sense is quite retro. And I felt guilty for occasionally eating Chick-Fil-A. Just kidding, I don’t, it’s delicious. But at least I wasn’t at this rally.

  • ZeeZee

    @hyhybt yeah, but they claim that ex-gays also *exist*…. didn’t they try to organize a parade not too long ago?
    hahaha what a joke.
    Actually, I think that it’s a good thing for them to try to congregate and see that no one shows up. Maybe that will shut them up once and for all.

  • Bob LaBlah

    Does anyone know how they are funding themselves? This pathetic spectacle had to cost in the thousands to put on. Not that I’m sorry that whoever is backing them just lost a bundle, mind you, I am just curious WHO lost the bundle.

  • dorset wayfarer

    So Richard Cohen of the International Healing Foundation was there. Why the f&*£k does this idiot think gays need healing? Get over yourself Cohen – in fact, heal yourself- of ignorance, prejudice,narrow interpretation of Christian values and an extremely worrying urge to mind other peoples’ business. Just who do you think you are?

  • doug105

    @Bob LaBlah: Most seem to make a living at what else ex-gay therapy in some form or another.

    Ex-gay =
    Celibate Gay = still Gay
    Non Practicing Bi = still Bi
    Straight or LGBT Con Artist out to make a buck From Ex-Gay Therapy.

    Funny how so many seem to find a living in that field isn’t it ?

  • ouragannyc

    @Bob LaBlah: Probably the Churches, Lady Bachman and her husband ect…

  • 1EqualityUSA

    If (fewer) than 10 people come out in favor of living a disingenuous life, that’s good news!

  • greybat

    They should have ordered some balloon bouquets.
    Black and white signs in a concrete square simply don’t draw the crowds.

  • Cam

    More people have commented on this article than showed up. LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • mraz

    Seven gay people came out to the closet to deny that they are gay.

  • Polaro

    Sad. Pathetic. Train wreck. I almost feel sorry for them. Almost.

  • Jim Guinnessey

    Ten idiots!

  • hyhybt

    @Jim Guinnessey: I’m sorely tempted to respond with the whole poem beginning “Ten little idiots went out to dine/One choked his little self and then there were nine,” but somebody might mistake that for a threat.

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