Ex-Gay Publisher Up On 700

Charlene Cothran‘s been making new friends since disavowing her lesbianism and turning her fag-rag, Venus, into an ex-gay mouthpiece.

The controversial publisher just appeared on Pat Robertson‘s The 700 Club to spread her good, no-longer-gay word. In addition to explaining her celibate lifestyle, Cothrene explains how she’s still involved in the gay rights movement. Instead of furthering gay visibility, acceptance and legal rights, however, Cothrene’s trying to convert the queers:

My mission now is to educate and turn people away from the homosexual lifestyle simply by presenting the truth. We simple want to have people to question what they’ve learned through the pages of Venus over the last thirteen years.

We would love to ignore the first thirteen years of your career, Cothrene, but we’ve got this pesky thing called a conscience. It really gets in the way of selling out our queer comrades. Good thing “God” took yours when he “saved” you…

Watch the nauseating video, after the jump. Oh, and be sure to read Good As You’s dissection of the despicable Cothrene.

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  • nycstudman

    I’m on my hands no knees (OK, not such a big deal but still).
    PLEASE a moratorium on any mention of;
    this tool
    Jism Cannick
    Isiah Washington
    Jim McGreevey
    That kid from Paducah, KY

    “There’s a lot of loneliness in gay people’s lives.” – that statement has as much freight as saying “there’s a lot of traffic in big cities.”

  • Martini-boy

    Hm. Sure ‘gay people’ experience a lot of loneliness, but so does everyone else. It is a fact of life, but to denigrate it so – to problematize it – is just not cool.

    On that note, it may very well be the case that ‘gay people’ are MORE lonely than their heterosexual counterparts. Let’s see: perhaps it has to do with the fact that many are living closeted lives, and those who are out and open are having trouble finding like-minded people in their midsts. Open up spaces where ‘gay people’ can roam freely (aka EVERYWHERE, ANYTIME) and the lonliness will – I guarantee you – go away.

  • Jack Jett

    This fat fucking bull dyke will be chowing down on some juicy pussy within a year. She aint fooling me.

    Why is it always the biggest queens and bull dykes that try to go back in the closet?

    She is a Donna Brazil wannabe

    jack jett

  • Paul Raposo

    So anyone ever figure out what her problem is; bad break up, religious brain washing, old age?

    That she harps on gay loneliness, yet decides to live a celibate life, is really ironic.

  • Woof

    One less lesbian…good riddens

  • Ash

    Yes, thank god there is one less lesbian. Clearly her thirteen years running a lesbian magazine did nothing to help lesbian visibility. And now that she’s an “ex”-lesbian she is not at all hurting the gay community. Man, everyone agrees with me that lesbians just fucking suck, right? I mean, how dare any of them try to live their lives and be out and be happy and munch muff? Gayness means a boy sticking his penis in another boy’s butt, end of story. Women do NOT count. Stupid dykes!!!

  • Gregoire

    ^ I’m impressed. I thought it might be hard to type and smoke massive amounts of meth, but you have proven me wrong.

  • mozzer13

    If lesbians are half as bigoted as the gay men on blog comment boards, it is little wonder she ran. I need to stop reading this things…my peeps are disappointing me far too often.

  • nycstudman

    Martini-boy: My point was that ‘mos are NOT particularly lonely. Everyone’s “lonely.” Read Sartre. It’s a patently ridiculous statement, that we’re more lonely. In fact, the gays I know have much better integrated social lives than the str8s I know. My str8 brother is always saying how jealous he is of my extended social circle.

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