Ex-Gay Speaks Out


If there’s one phrase that burns our ears more than any other it’s “I hate being gay.” How can someone hate being gay? Being gay’s great! Of course, for many gay folk, being gay’s not so great. For a first person account of self-hatred, check out this article by a young man named Kyle Rice (pictured) over at The Advocate.

A Pentecostal Christian Republican, Rice recently enlisted in the ex-gay movement to find a so-called cure for his homo ways. In it, Rice writes:

I looked into “ex-gay” ministries and joined such a program offered by a local church. It has taught me that with God’s help I can change my desires. A friend of mine went through another church’s program, and he’s changed. He’s now happy and in love with his girlfriend. I pray the same will happen to me someday.

While we give the ex-gays a lot of shit, such talk really does break out little gay hearts. While we’re not the most religious people, we do wish that religious people could find the courage to discover new readings of the Bible (yes, there’s more than one) and learn to reconcile their conflicting emotions.

If you’re down to see things from another person’s point of view, follow the link and give the article a read.

CORRECTION: Much to our chagrin and visual confusion, the original picture posted was not the same Kyle Rice as the one pictured above. We must admit, they do look pretty similiar. Regardless, apologies to all. Kyle Rice the photographer is no ex-gay. We’re not even sure if he is gay, but he’s still a talented photographer.