Wayne Besen Not Having Pat Robertson Report

Ex-Gay “Study” To Be Released Today

The Ex-Gays are at it again. We just ran into Truth Wins Out’s Wayne Besen – welcome back to NYC, Wayne! – and he told us that Pat Robertson and his cronies will release a new “study” on the benefits of religion-based conversion.

Though it’s too early to know just how flawed the study will be, Besen’s skeptical:

It comes as no shock that anti-gay ‘researchers’ at Wheaton College and Pat Robertson University would release a study that claims you can pray away the gay. I suppose their next study will provide support for Pat Robertson’s theory that homosexuality causes meteors and hurricanes.

This study may be a deceptive sham with the goal of making it appear as if science backs fundamentalist beliefs on homosexuality.

Any ‘ex-gay’ study that does not include physical components that measure truth are essentially meaningless.

Essentially meaningless”? Ha!