Wayne Besen Not Having Pat Robertson Report

Ex-Gay “Study” To Be Released Today

The Ex-Gays are at it again. We just ran into Truth Wins Out’s Wayne Besen – welcome back to NYC, Wayne! – and he told us that Pat Robertson and his cronies will release a new “study” on the benefits of religion-based conversion.

Though it’s too early to know just how flawed the study will be, Besen’s skeptical:

It comes as no shock that anti-gay ‘researchers’ at Wheaton College and Pat Robertson University would release a study that claims you can pray away the gay. I suppose their next study will provide support for Pat Robertson’s theory that homosexuality causes meteors and hurricanes.

This study may be a deceptive sham with the goal of making it appear as if science backs fundamentalist beliefs on homosexuality.

Any ‘ex-gay’ study that does not include physical components that measure truth are essentially meaningless.

Essentially meaningless”? Ha!

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  • Leland Frances

    Which keeps alive the unanswered question, “Why the FUCK does NBC and Tim Russert keep inviting Robertson’s press poodle on and treating him like an objective news expert?

  • Leland Frances

    Clarification for those who haven’t see it: he’s not invited on to discuss just Robertson’s religioperv views which would be ok if that were the sole topic on any given program. No, he’s allowed to sit with people from the Washington Post and the Chicago Tribue et al. and discuss Iraq and the Presidential campaigns, etc.

    FUCK THAT! And not in the good way.

  • Dawster

    also, on our local NBC channel, the 700 Club is broadcast (without additional advertisements).

    so i’m wondering why NBC hand over the controls to a religion for an hour a day?

  • Bill Perdue

    Pat Robertson is a reactionary thug. In the 60”s and 70’s he endorsed racism and played on the bigotry of southern baptist/KKK types.

    When that behavior became the subject of lawsuits and unpopular he shifted his emphasis to antigay bigotry and to illegally providing arms and military assistance to fascist groups in Central America, working with figures from the Reagan era like mercenary USMC Colonel Oliver North.

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