Ex-Gay Survivor Takes On Palin’s Gay “Choice” Remarks

Colorado-based homo Dan Gonzales once tried to “turn straight” through ex-gay therapy. It didn’t work.

Now, in response to Sarah Palin’s ridiculous assumption that being gay is a choice, Gonzalez released this video emphasizing how all mainstream medical organizations agree that being gay is not a choice. The fact that she disagrees with trained doctors makes him question her judgement, he says.

Gonzales then goes on to challenge Palin:

If I promise to try really hard to be straight and went back to one of those ex-gay programs again, would you want me to marry one of your daughters?”

“Even though you ‘don’t want to judge me,’ it seems pretty likely you view my sexuality as sin, which appears to leave me with one choice: a lifetime of celibacy. I could embrace my sexuality and seek to form a meaningful, lifelong committed relationship with another man and build a family. But no, I think your interview has convinced me to choose a lifetime of being alone and celibate! Thanks, Governor Palin!

Poor Palin probably thinks he’s being serious.