Zach is Back

Ex-Gay Teen Celeb Pops Up Six Years Later

Remember Zach Stark? The teenager set off a firestorm back in 2005 when he posted on MySpace that his parents were sending him to “ex-gay therapy,” which is really just another way of saying “anti-gay abuse.”

Also, remember MySpace?

Anyway, Zach became an unwilling internet celebrity for a little bit as it seemed like the entire web was in an uproar over what his parents were doing to him. Zach made it clear that he wanted to be left alone. And then he faded from public view. Until now.

A documentary about his experience (and about one of the cruel organizations that abuse gay teens) is slated to debut at Frameline, San Francisco’s storied LGBT film festival. How’s Zach doing these days? What happened to him? How’s his relationship with his parents?

The documentary’s been kicking around since 2008, so it’s nice to see that it’s finally ready to screen. So, gays, you know what to do: everyone pile onto the big gay rainbow bus and make a roadtrip to SF for Frameline in June.

Plenty of mysteries still surround the whole situation. Will we learn more about Zach, or be left with more questions? So far, all we know about the Zach of today is that now he has a beard. Woof?