Activists Call On Health Minister To Take Stand

Ex-Gay Therapy Sparks Debate In Italy

There’s a battle brewing in Italy. And health minister Livia Turco may be caught in the crossfire.

The drama began when a journalist went undercover as a gay man and investigated “reparative therapist” Tonino Cantelmi, the head of the Association of Catholic Italian Psychologists and Psychiatrists.

The journalist’s report raised a lot of eyebrows in Italy, particularly among enthusiastic conservatives:

Paola Binetti, a neurophsychiatrist and Democratic party lawmaker associated with the Teodem movement, praised Cantelmi for his “excellent work.”

Binetti argued: “Until the 1980s, homosexuality was classified as a pathology. While the homosexual lobby succeeded in changing this, clinical evidence supports the previous classification.”

Gay group Aricay disagrees and have called on Turco to come out against reparative therapy. Turco has yet to do so, but her opposition may garner her some political enemies. Parliamentarian Mauro Fabris calls anti-Cantelmi criticism a “hateful attempt to accuse the Catholic Church of homophobia.” Um, okay…