Doctor Combats Repressive Society With Repression

Ex-Gays Coming Out In Egypt

There’s another, far less liberatory “exodus” out of Egypt. An enterprising “good” doctor decided to import some good old fashioned anti-gay reparative therapy:

An Egyptian doctor is facing strong criticism from liberals and conservatives alike for opening a clinic to treat homosexuals, with some charging the clinic has become a meeting place for gays, and others accusing the doctor himself of being gay.

Dr. Awsam Wasfi, 42, offers a “treatment program” for gays that focuses on boosting their self-esteem and enhancing their communication skills, as well as encouraging them to play sports and work on their religious beliefs.

Sports and religion: two things no queer knows about…

The doctor defended his irresponsible practice, saying, “Lots of them want to be treated… When society rejects them, they feel desperate and lose hope in changing their situation.” Well, perhaps Egyptian society needs therapy, not the gays. That, of course, would be too much work.