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Ex-Gays Filed “Ethics” Lawsuit Against Pro-Gay Shrink

It’s the anti-gay crackpot versus the filmmakng head shrinker. Dr. Alicia Salzer premiered her new documentary, Abomination: Homosexuality and the Ex-Gay Movement, which tackles the thorny issue of ex-gay therapy.

In that movie, Salzer explores the dangers and self-loathing inherent in reparative therapy. Says Salzer,

We were aware that this type of therapy very rarely, if ever, worked and is often associated with great harm. We felt that we had to counter their media presence with something that gave the other side.

Science has shown us that 96 percent of people cannot change and along the way, absorb an enormous amount of self-loathing, a lot of confusion, a lot of family conflict; so I know the harm.

Ex-gay wing-bats Exodus International, however, say otherwise. They claim Sazler’s got no proof of her findings and, what’s more, she’s just plain ignorant.

In an effort to prove the Exodus case, the Christian Post turned to “noted expert in sexuality” Dr. Warren Throckmorton, a man who supports ex-gay therapy. Throckmorton tells CP that Salzer and company “”do not provide information on the incidence and the prevalence of failure, success, harm, help, or ethical violations in conversion therapy”. Meanwhile, ex-gay Alan Chambers, the gayeset of the ex-gays, also took some time to blast Salzer:

While we welcome more research and debate on this important social issue, professionals, such as Dr. Salzer have a responsibility to be honest about what science does and does not say. The public deserves an honest look at the facts on this topic instead of dogmatic, unreliable claims that support one’s personal suppositions.

That said, Chambers and Throckmorton have filed an American Psychiatric Association ethics complaint against Salzer. Because Chambers and Throckmorton really know about ethics.

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