Ex-Gays Getting Political

The religious right lost much of its political influence with Bush’s last election.

Yes, they helped our not-so-beloved President score another four years, but their power seems to be waning in recent years, particularly after two of its most prominent spiritual leaders, Reverend Jerry Falwell kicked it and Ted Haggard sucked it.

Some of us may breathe a sigh of relief, but lets not get too comfortable, because “ex-gay” organization Exodus International plans on filling the gaping hole.

During their conference earlier this year, Exodus appointed a new “Director of Governmental Affairs” to combat a gay assault on Washington. A former Focus on the Family henchwoman, Amanda Banks intends on raising Washington’s awareness of the ex-gay movers. Box Turtle Bulletin, which braved the Exodus conference, reports:

To Exodus, “mobilizing the Body of Christ” specifically means political engagement. Banks cited the “radical impact of the gay lobby” and lamented that there was no “alternative voice,” a void that she said Exodus is uniquely qualified to fill by acting as “a door to our stories and our truth.” And by way of example, she described the political lobbying trip that Alan Chambers, Randy Thomas and others took to Washington, D.C. last April.

Everyone in Washington had met gay activists – she claims that the Congressional majority “is in the pockets” of the Human Rights Campaign – but according to Banks almost nobody is aware of the existence of ex-gays.

Hmm, that’s fairly surprising considering all the anti-gay hypocrites marching around Washington.

As part of her plan to take Washington to the dark(er) side, Banks wants ex-gay activists to consider two components of potential legislation: does it affect the ex-gays and do they have the “opportunity to offer a unique perspective and opportunity to influence”. Like all good conservatives, the Exodus’ grassroots political movements intends on fighting hate crime legislation, which Bush already vowed to veto.

Banks also plans on taking on the Employment Non-Discrimination Act, which she claims will force religious organizations to hire homos. Too bad the Act already exempts religious organizations. Banks must not be big news reader, nor into the truth, but, then again, neither are ex-gays.