And They Ain't Singing...

Ex-Gays On B’Way!

Broadway’s the gayest street in all the land. Unfortunately, the ex-gay parasites have already launched a successful invasion:

A wacko group claiming to “cure” gays of their homosexuality is running secret meetings for closeted Broadway stars, according to a new documentary, “Gay No More?” Bill Hussung – who produced and directed the film with his wife, Mashara Canino-Hussung – says audiences will be “shocked” to see 20 popular Broadway dancers and actors who belong to the Life Ministry support group meeting twice weekly in underground locations. “It’s an ex-gay movement with the core belief that you are gay because of a sexual trauma in your background. When you discover what that is, you can release it and be cured of gay desires,” Hussung said. “People will be shocked to learn how widespread among the New York theater community this is.”

Watch your backs, theater fags, the ex-gays are coming for you…

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  • cjc

    What complete and utter bullshit. As for myself, I’ve been gay since day 1 and I was never sexually abused or traumatized.

  • somelikeitscott

    As Mel Brooks said in the movie To Be Or Not To Be, “Without Jews, Gypsies and Faggots there would be no theatre!”

    To read more from one Jewish gay’s point of view…

  • wadkins75

    I had a one way ticket out of a vagina and have never regretting NOT buying the return pass. (Sorry if that comes out vulgar to some.) I have never been traumatized in any way that “made me gay.” What BS. I would love to find out what traumatized these folks into thinking that they were the new superheroes of virtue.

  • mercuryjv

    I’m so gay I didn’t even come out of my mom’s vagina. I insisted on a c-section.

    I dated two guys who should go to that. They’re both so unhappy being gay they’d look for any excuse to justify it. I can’t imagine spending that much time hating myself.

    Nonetheless, I’d love to find out more info on this and go in undercover, as it were, and check it out, see what they teach, see who’s there. It’s hard to imagine anyone in this day and age — especially if they’re in NYC and on f-ing BROADWAY — having a problem with being who they are. It’s sad and disappointing and they should be getting help with acceptance not denial.

  • cjc

    Personally, mercury, I’m quite happy being gay. I’d take it over being trapped in a loveless, sexless marriage to a beard any day.

  • nycstudman

    Isn’t trolling for ex-gay converts on Broadway like looking for Playboy models among the Taliban?

  • mercuryjv

    cjc, I’m happy being gay too. Wouldn’t want it any other way.

    However, I don’t think being gay means you won’t (or don’t) wind up in a loveless, sexless relationship. I’ve seen it happen to a lot of friends, straight and gay.

  • will

    Can anyone identify the newlyweds in the Page Six photo?

  • commeca

    After reading the cast bios at Lion King five years ago and then watching the performances, I’d bet they’ve found that hotbed of “All Praise to Jesus” folks an equally hot bed of (apologies to Rob) “I don’t wanna be Gay no more, I don’t wanna have these fantasies! I don’t wanna be gay no more! Gay is just a traumatized disease!”

  • Rowen

    I’m guessing that it’s not Xanadu, Drowsy Chaperone, Hairspray, Spring Awakening, or any of the big standards. So. .. the color purple and jersey boys? Maybe Mamma Mia, but the ABBA influence might be too much.

  • wtfnyc

    actually, i used to be involved in those ministries… even here in nyc, and the documentary has it on target. there are many guys in nyc (in theater… gasp!) who want to change their orientation. many of them are religious christians and just because theyre on broadway (and gay) doesnt immune them from wanting to hold onto their faith and do what they believe is right. im not saying i agree with what theyre doing… but its out there. on broadway too (and guess what… there are gay policemen also!)

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