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Ex-Gays: Thrilled to Have Their Own Sexuality, Unwilling to Defend It


Last month, Parents & Friends of Ex-Gays & Gays (PFOX) scored a court coup when a judge recognized former homos as being qualified protected sexual identity class. PFOX was so elated, they issued a press release about it! But none of that means PFOX is actually getting behind laws that would keep their kind from, uh, being discriminated against.

PFOX’s 2002 lawsuit against the National Education Association (which refused them booth space at a convention) was all about the group’s displeasure with being discriminated against. When a judge issued a ruling in the case, PFOX director Greg Quinlan said, “All sexual orientation laws and programs nationwide should now provide true diversity and equality by including former homosexuals. I have experienced more personal assaults as a former homosexual than I ever did as a gay man.”

So how come PFOX is now advocating against anti-discrimination laws that would keep them from being “targeted” again? The long answer would include a discussion about hating thy self. The short answer? “PFOX doesn’t so much advocate for ex-gays as it does advocate against gays.”