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Ex-Lesbian Mom Lisa Miller Has Gone Missing (With the Daughter She’s Ordered to Hand Over)


Lisa Miller, the ex-lesbian who’s been in a brutal battle with former partner Janet Jenkins over their daughter Isabella, has gone missing just days before she’s supposed to turn over the 7-year-old to Jenkins, according to a Virginia judge’s order last month. But with Jan. 1 — the date Miller must give Jenkins their daughter — rapidly approaching, Miller is nowhere to be found. “The whereabouts of Lisa Miller cannot be verified currently,” reports Lez Get Real. “She has not answered her phone and does not appear to have had contact with her lawyers in close to a month.” Miller, of course, is represented by the anti-gay Liberty Counsel.

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  • terrwill

    Once they find Little Miss Missing Cunt and the disappearance is linked to, as I am sure it will be the liberty counsel Janet Jenkins should sue the bejezus out of the org and each and every member, and press for charges in assisting in kidnapping……..

  • Cheeky

    Lisa Miller, “ex-lesbian” (whatever that means), has violated EVERY single court ordered issued by the presiding judge When they are eventually found, I hope that Ms. Miller finds herself behind bars for kidnapping and contempt of court while her former partner retains permanent custody. Oh yeah, Liberty Counsel can suck it!

  • terrwill

    What is so damm disgusting about the scumbags at liberty counsel (do not deserve UC) and all the other orgs who’s only mission in life is to attack anyone Gay is that have absolutley zero concern for the kid in this case. This 7 year old has been ripped apart from one of her Parents, probably from the only school she has ever known, her Grandparents, relatives and friends. Their hatred towards the Gays is so rabid and they are so focused on cutting such a swath of pain and destruction in any Gay life that they never even consider the innocent bystanders in the case.

    One of the very few prayers I consider in my life is that there is a special dark corner of Hell where Satan has reserved his most insane tortures and eternal damnation for these filthy, despicable, contemptible beings….

  • LukasP

    Yep, it seems that kid is now the victim of a misbegotten political agenda. Whose best interest is Ms Miller looking after? Her own? Her religious cult? Her attorneys? Kid seems last on her list.

    The bone-chilling aspect of all this is that Miller will praised for her HEROISM in fighting the evil law and her own satan-inspired lesbian impulses. The kid just is a sad pawn, a prop, and will be summarily forgotten.

  • naghanenu

    Let us try and make this not about a gay agenda. This is not what this is about.

    Im not sure how many of you are parents but i totally get where the ex gay mother is coming from. She is told that she cant keep her own child. The child she gave birth to and has nurtured. That is cold. I dont understand the full details of the relationship but in my opinion the biological parent(so far as they are fully competent and genuinely love the child) have more rights than any other party.

    The court should have come to a better compromise than this.

    I wish her Godspeed.

  • Qjersey

    RE: Naghanenu

    Sadly there are MANY children who would be better off being raised by someone other than their biological parent(s).

    Quick run down: Lesbian couple decides together to have a child. Short while later the biological mom converts to christianity leaves her lover and refuses to let her lover have visitation. This woman also left their home state of Vermont (gay supportive) and moved to Virginia (gay not so much) in hopes of getting a better court ruling. She eventually lost custody for repeatedly refusing to follow court orders from both states!

  • terrwill

    No. 5 · naghanenu:
    I am sensing a pattern in your posts, your posts are not
    the crazytown poo spewing anti Gay nutbags postings, yet
    you seem to always “gently” side with the opposition…

    Inquiring minds want to know…………….

    > 1 There is no such thing as an “Ex Gay”. “Gay in denial” is the proper term.

    > 2 This witch has broken the law and is in fact a kidnapper
    now, not a “caring parent”

    > 3 Her actions are in concert with an organized org who
    makes is active partner in commiting a crime. Thus eligible
    for prosecution under racketeering laws. Hopefully all
    involved will be prosecuted to the max.

    > 4 For a court to grant sole custody to one parent there
    are usually compelling reasons indicating the denied parent
    has been certified as unfit.

    This witch deserves no sympathy nor quarter from our community

  • FakeName

    The court should have come to a better compromise than this.

    The Vermont court attempted to “compromise” when it awarded custody to Miller and visitation to Jenkins. Miller refused to comply with the court’s order and fled the jurisdiction with the child to Virginia. When courts there refused to void the lawful orders of the Vermont court and Miller still refused to comply, the Vermont court ordered the change in custody as the only way to ensure that the child had access to both of her parents. So fuck compromise. Lock the kidnapper up and take the child away from her.

  • Brad

    Surely there are similar precedents to draw upon involving hetro couples. Namely, situations where the mother’s male partner/husband is not the biological father, and has not adopted the child, but at some point had a supportive relationship to the child as a stepfather.

    I can think of anecdotal cases involving people I’ve known (in which case the former stepfather has no rights), but I’m not a legal scholar so I’d appreciate any info on the matter. Anyone?

  • hyhybt

    #5: The only reason she didn’t get a better deal as far as visitation and custody is her own previous behavior: violating the Vermont court’s ruling, not allowing her ex to see the child, etc. I wouldn’t be surprised in the least if the only reason she’s now “straight” is that she thought it would look more sympathetic to the Virginia courts. But regardless, it’s 100% her own fault.

    At least now the ‘gay’ part is out of it: she’s just another parent who lost custody and resorted to kidnapping her own child. It happens all too often, and won’t go well for her when she’s caught.

  • naghanenu


    So what you are saying because i am joining the crowd and screaming hateful, spiteful stuff i am antigay. Is that really your conclusion? Well i must be then because that is not my way. I am not so bitter and defeated that i need to pour hot water at everything…oops my bad!

    You mean to tell me that if someone wants to take your child from you, you will just smile in the name of gay rights.

    She gave birth to that child. It is her blood. WHATEVER HER REASON FOR LEAVING HER PARTNER IS BTWEEN HER AND PARTNER. You guys are not even trying to be empathic here. So she says she’s ex-gay…what the hell has that got to do with whether she can take care of her child or not?

    I am not saying she is right to violate the court ordered visitations. She is wrong and deserves all the punishment possible. But to take her child from her is cruel. Just because she claims to be ex gay doesnt automatically make her a bad parent anymore than anyone’s orientation would.

    I do not support this court’s decision it is cruel. They should come to a better compromise than this. I cant imagine if someone told me that the child i gave my sperm to concieve will not be mine anymore for any reason. I just cant. This is not a GAY thing. This is a parent thing.

    So i say again…Godspeed

  • naghanenu

    Kindly forgive my grammatical errors….i am pissed off.

    I meant “just because i am not joining the crowd”

  • FakeName

    Surely there are similar precedents to draw upon involving hetro couples. Namely, situations where the mother’s male partner/husband is not the biological father, and has not adopted the child, but at some point had a supportive relationship to the child as a stepfather.

    Back in 1993 in Wisconsin, the WI supreme court ruled that people who have a parent-like relationship with a child may seek visitation if the relationship with the biological or adoptive parent terminates. The decision was in the case of a same-sex couple but applies equally to mixed-sex couples in which one of the partners has no parental rights.

  • FakeName

    Naghanenu, you’re really being kind of an idiot. It’s been explained in several posts why the court took the action that it did and why the blame for this situation rests squarely on Miller. Jenkins wasn’t even seeking custody. All she wanted to do was maintain a relationship with the child whom she helped raise. If Miller had simply followed the judge’s first order and allowed Jenkins reasonable visitation none of this would be happening. Instead, she chose to ignore the judge’s lawful order and flee the jurisdiction in hopes of exploiting anti-gay prejudice. When that surprisingly failed, she decided to steal the child and vanish. Miller’s fitness as a parent was never in question, until of course she became a kidnapper and rendered herself unfit. She did not lose custody over fitness issues; she lost custody because it was the only way to ensure that Jenkins’s rights as a parent were respected.

    The “cruelty” here is that a child is being deprived of having a relationship with both of its parents because one of the parents is selfish and self-loathing. Your sympathy for a kidnapper is misplaced and disgusting. The only speed Miller deserves is a speedy trip to a prison cell with the rest of the criminals.

  • John K.

    @naghanenu: We already explained that a compromise was attempted, but this woman refused to compromise. Perhaps her being ex-gay doesn’t make her unfit, but refusing to allow her ex to visit THEIR child (not HER child, they decided together to have this child) does make her unfit to retain primary custody. She dug the hole here; the courts were not out to get her.

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