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Ex-Michigan Asst. AG Andrew Shirvell Had A History Of Emailing Faggots

Andrew Shirvell, America’s favorite former Michigan assistant attorney general, was previously warned about using state resources to launch anti-gay attacks. Two months before his awesome blog Chris Armstrong Watch took off — where he chronicled the comings and goings, and dating, of gay University of Michigan student body president Chris Armstrong — he sent an email to former state Rep. Leon Drolet and a few others regarding a protest of some sort in front of the Capitol building. “The grassroots will NEVER let you and your (gay slur) ….. hijack our pro-life, pro-family party in pursuit of your PERVETED radical homosexual agenda,” Shirvell wrote. When Shrivell was ultimately fired in November, that email was among eight reasons listed for his termination. Right up there with his tendency to stalk homosexuals?

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