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Ex-Morning Goods Model Josh Peters Was Sick Of Fags Looking At Him. So He Began A Gay Porn Career

Josh Peters, the MMA fighter, was once featured on Queerty as a Morning Goods model. He did not like it so much, so he wrote us a note. Subject: “Subject: Remove me now.” Body: “I am getting Sick of finding myself on these stupid gay sites.” Fine, we said. If you don’t want gay men gawking at you, we’ll happily remove your photos. But, we replied: “You’re a male model who poses naked grabbing his dick and finds it surprising that gay men like to look? You’re surely making the ‘male models are idiots’ stereotype come true.” He responded: “I don’t care.” That note was followed up with a final communique: “I guess you have to be a bumboy to find what you put on that site funny.” Mr. Peters, who has a profile on, is now appearing on a gay porn website.

Here is the (possibly NSFW) link to Peters’ profile on (tagline: “Uncut amateurs”), a website catering to gay men. As Queerty reader Tom, who pointed us to Josh’s new X-rated gig, so perfectly states: “When the money dried up, i guess he got over his dislike of gay people seeing him.”

His bio on reads: “Josh has one of those cocks that hangs long with a dangly foreskin and he gives it a real good tug. He is also a quick riser and just a few tugs on his cock and he is pumped up. Luckily Josh is not shy and shows you all his body parts and since he is almost hair free his hole is easy to see! He lies back and tenses his legs; great amount of cum all over his hands and abs. Wow Josh you naughty boy!”

Naughty indeed. Best of luck, bud.