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Ex-Navy SEAL Warns Gay Special Ops: Don’t Wear ‘The Bows And The Earrings In The Barracks’

Unbeknownst to the editors of the Washington Times, gays are already members of the military’s elite special ops teams, so this idea that somehow they’re going to infiltrate the Army Green Berets and Navy SEALs post-DADT and, like, make it all gay isn’t just ridiculous, it’s misinformed. But I do love reading soundbites of former and current special ops discussing “outwardly gay” (translation: prissy) troops and how they’re somehow not manly enough to throw down. As retired Rear Adm. George R. Worthington, a former Navy SEAL who left service in 1992, says: “I don’t think there is going to be that many of them [gays] that want to sign up for SEALs anyway because of the closeness and the tightness of the training. My opinion is that they’re probably more clerical oriented. Medical profession. Corpsmen. Stuff like that. … Put the word out. If you hit on somebody, you’re going to get in a fistfight. You may not like it. I just think if they maintain their composure, they don’t bother anybody. … It just depends on how they comport themselves. If they start breaking out the bows and the earrings in the barracks, that might cause a little trouble. That becomes a good order and discipline sort of thing. The services are going to have to tighten up on regulations.” It’s as if this guy has never knowingly met a gay person. Which, actually, might be true.

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  • christopher di spirito

    Retired “Rear” Adm. George R. Worthington? Seriously?

  • Rick Gold

    “Put the word out. If you hit on somebody, you’re going to get in a fistfight…”

    Threaten ME with a good time, will you!

  • scott ny'er

    and another douche opens his mouth. I’m glad he did. Shows how stupid he looks.

  • adman

    My ex was a Navy Seal who trained and deployed tactical ops for 14 years. Sorry Admiral, you get a big FAIL. I love the assurance he displays when he says “Put the word out” Though. Would that be his word? I ask because of the ignorance displayed, you see. It means his word is worth about a pile of spit.


    @christopher di spirito: Hey dude, welcome back………………loooonnng time

    Are we sure this guy is actually Gay as in a Gay person? or just a sometimes happy fellow? :p

  • dvlaries

    I just tried to look this guy up a little for a birthdate, but I did read he was serving in Vietnam as long ago as 1963, so little surprise his attitudes toward gays are as antiquated as his doubtless hardened arteries.

  • Spike

    Oh please, “bows and the earrings”?!!? Is he serious???

    What about the midnight glow stick underwear parties in the shower with GAGA blasting?!!? Is that going to be a problem as well????

  • ewe

    That looks like a classic gay calender to me. I see gay men that look better and/or just as fit as these guys. Are cock piercings ok with these little dictators? The words of a retired REAR admiral means little.

  • BillCooney

    Just another homophobic bigot shooting his mouth off. Plus, a lot of straight men wear earrings. How is anyone supposed to know which are the “queer” ones?

  • Daez

    I believe that military regulations already ban “bows and earings” while in uniform. However, these comments just reek of lack of knowledge. He is spouting stereotypes, but this article does not mention him being against inclusion, on the contrary he simply states that the military will have to strengthen it’s regulations; which it most likely will to protect hard working, decent gay men from homophobic assholes.

  • Jamie

    Wait… isn’t that Chase Hunter on the cover of that calendar? Well, clutch my pearls and leave the chiffon at home, I’m signing up!

  • Jim Hlavac

    Somehow, strangely, unintentionally, unwittingly, these anti-gay, and gay worried, gay perplexed and gay confused, people are some of our best friends. The more they open their mouths the better we look, and the absurdity of their claims become more visible to average Americans who never quite think about us. I beginning to think that even Tony Perkins is the best friend we ever had in the public eye. I wish them much luck in whatever they think they’re doing.

  • RomanHans

    Hey Rear, put the word out. If I hit on somebody and they hit me, they’re going to jail for assault. Now go back to double-checking all the short-shorts on the men in your platoon.

  • hephaestion

    Wow. Worthington is an ignorant fuck.

    And the Washington Times is 100% self-loathing closeted rightwing homosexuals. Ask anyone who’s been there.

  • Pip

    damn gurl can i at least run through the jungle in my gucci pumps?

  • Pitou

    OMG.. some of the comments here are funny as fuck! I literally just had a laughing fit in my cube! Thanks for making this last working day of 2010 that much more memorable! XOXOXO

  • Matt S

    Somehow I manage to go around all day, to the store, to work, on the subway, in the gym, and NEVER hit on a straight guy.

  • DouglasUrantia

    My problem was being hit on by some soldier that was not my type. When I turned him down he smashed in in the face. You have seen the blood and this was witness by the whole platoon.

  • Gayity

    He would be sent AWAY fast if anyone knew he was a snitch.

  • Jeremy Hwang

    The only time I was accused of behavior unbecoming of a gentleman and an officer, and conduct prejudice to good order and discipline was when I rough up a warrant officer after cases of continuously and constantly making fun of my lack of girlfriends, which was clearly insurbodinate conduct coming from him. I wasn’t clerical nor a medical officer, I was a supply officer, get that Admiral! Men straight or gay are no different, just only the partners they have and the people they like, we can all do the same jobs and have the same vocations without trouble, it’s like saying that women can’t be in combat and on the frontline!

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