Tragedy after tragedy

Ex-NFL star Aaron Hernandez reportedly left a suicide note for his gay prison lover

Former NFL player and convicted killer Aaron Hernandez allegedly left behind three handwritten notes before hanging himself in his prison cell this week, the New York Daily News and the Daily Mail report.

One of the letters was purportedly to his fiancee, Shayanna Jenkins-Hernandez. The other was to their 4-year-old daughter, Avielle. And the third was to his jailhouse lover.

The 27-year-old former Patriots star was serving a life sentence for the 2013 murder of semi-pro football player Odin Lloyd. He was found dead in his prison cell on Wendesday morning. The cause of death was ruled a suicide (asphyxia by hanging).

The Daily Mail reports that the notes were placed next to a Bible that was opened up to John 3:16. That verse reads: “For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.” Hernandez also reportedly wrote the verse across his forehead with a red marker.

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Though Hernandez’s alleged gay lover has not been identified, a “well-placed” source says he is on “eyeball to eyeball” suicide watch.

The Daily Mail also reports that in the days leading up to his suicide, Hernandez gave away most of his personal belongings to other inmates. The last telephone conversation he had was with his fiancee seven hours before he was found dead, but the newspaper insinuates the last person he actually spoke to before taking his own life was his gay lover.

Of course, being the Daily Mail, it’s probably best to take these rumors with a grain of salt. But at least one thing is for certain: The whole situation is an absolute tragedy for everyone involved.

Photo credit: Boston Globe

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  • Roan

    He had a gay lover. Well. At least someone was getting that big dick. Such a waste. So many lives destroyed. In life and in death.

  • jjose712

    The daily mail and reliable source are two words that are not compatible

  • Gigi Gee

    Sad that anyone thinks life is so bad that they have to end it. I was there once and I’m here to tell you that it does get better.

    • Xzamilloh

      He was serving a life sentence for murder… he also had the telltale signs of a narcissist and sociopath, so it didn’t surprise me to hear he killed himself. What’s surprising is that he had the opportunity to do so in a so-called “eyeball to eyeball” facility. A lot of people are saying that he was murdered (I personally don’t see the validity in that) and the facility is trying to cover their own ineptitude.

    • Donston

      The dude was a psychopathic megalomaniac. I actually wouldn’t be surprised if he did quickly find a prison “lover”. He seems like the type that would need a following and need people to dominant over no matter his environment. And no, it wasn’t gonna get any better for him.

    • Hogwasher

      Xzamiloh – The article states that Hernandez’ alleged gay lover is on a ‘eyeball to eyeball’ suicide watch.

  • Prax07

    Life in prison is not going to get any better, from more money than he could probably imagine to being confined in a tiny cell for the rest of his life, can totally see why he decided to opt for suicide.

  • Brian

    The Daily Mail is fake news. It shouldn’t get so much attention. They also reported that a gay man named “Harry Harrison” raped the would-be burglars of his home, and they used a photo of a real gay man (different name and not a rapist) for their story. They use gay stories to shame people. They’re incredibly homophobic as a strategy to get clicks and money. Gay blogs like Queerty should definitely not be supporting them.

    • Donston

      There’s so much desperation for “representation” and desire to report anything with a whiff of gayness that tact and sense get left behind. Daily Mail indeed is known for homophobic click-bait and fake news. This should have never been posted here. But it’s hardly beneath Queerty’s typical standards.

    • scotshot

      Your comment is about yourself!



    Not gonna lie, I’ve long had the guilty shame-boner for this well-put-together bad’un and this news doesn’t exactly help matters ..only makes it harder

  • Richard 55

    Men will often turn to men for sexual pleasure in prison. Even if a man’s sexual lifestyle revolves around dating women on the outside, on the inside it’s a different matter.

    This is why I keep saying that gay and straight identity politics is not helpful or accurate.

  • Richard 55

    Men are forced to hide their bisexuality by women. Women find it threatening if her man has the ability to find other men hot.

    The New York Daily News is now reporting that Aaron.may have killed his first victom because the latter knew about his bisexuality.

    • Donston

      It’s funny how you once argued bisexuality isn’t real. Now, it’s gay and straight aren’t real. And of course, you had to fit some misogyny is there. Now, tell us. Are you sexually attracted to women?

    • Jack Meoff

      Looks like Brian has a new screen name

    • Donston

      Brian “outed” himself pretty quickly.

      As I’ve said many times before and as even “Richard” has argued, bisexual behavior is not bisexual orientation. There are a ton of reasons why people (particularly men) indulge bi-behavior beyond having sexual attraction to men and women, especially if they’ve developed the extremely convoluted and narcissistic ego that clearly Mr Hernandez developed. And I doubt most bi-identifying men would want someone who probably killed multiple people on “their team”. And if he was having sex with men before prison who knows if he was gay or legitimately bi or simply a fetish/ego driven megalomaniac like a lot of guys on the DL?

      Ultimately, these “reports” are completely unsubstantiated and out of the blue. There were never any rumors about his sexuality until now. And if he’s killing people to hide his sexuality why is he leaving notes to a “lover”. First, there was no suicide note. Then, there was three: two for his family and one for the public. Now, one was for his “prison lover”. None of it makes sense. As usual, sexual behavior and sexual speculation is used as sensationalism and click-bait.

      Find some other nonsense story to support your nonsense “cause”.

  • Mandrake

    “It’s probably best to take these rumors with a grain of salt.”
    “Hernandez’s ‘alleged’ gay lover has not been identified,

    With this tabloid BS, no wonder we have a problem with incendiary Fake News!

    • Tobi

      You need Lot’s wife.

  • Giancarlo85

    The Daily Mail is garbage. It is similar to the National enquirer. I don’t believe this story for a minute.

    I do believe it was a suicide and that this man was a psychopath.

    • Giancarlo85

      Then again millions of dumbo followers in America believed the National Enquirer. Fake news propelled Dumbo to the White House.

    • Donston

      Hell, National Enquirer is probably more legit than The Daily Mail.

      Sexuality has always been an easy way to get clicks, especially secret male homosexuality. Then you have self-accepting but often self-hating homos or homos desperate for “representation” who eat this stuff up. It’s quite pathetic. And these guys often don’t realize how these things do more harm for us than good.

    • Giancarlo86

      I told you we should not have voted for Dumbo.

  • Texasholdem

    Aaron and Tim Tebow were college roommates and teammates. Wonder who was the top when they had sex.

  • Richard 55

    Newsweek and New York Daily News are now reporting that Aaron Hernandez may have murdered Odin Lloyd to prevent him from spilling the beans to Aaron’s bride-to-be regarding Aaron’s bisexuality.

    It reinforces my theory that women find male homosexual attraction very threatening in the men they date.

    A lot of Leftist gay guys are afraid to challenge women on this because you don’t want to start a gender war.

    • Donston

      Sweetie, most here already know the details.

      Are there women who are homophobic, sure. Are there women who don’t want to be with a man who’s had any sexual contact with men, sure. But you also underestimate male based homophobia, male obsession with hetero-normalcy and the multitude of different fetishes and psychologies that often lead to men either hiding their inherent sexual orientation or indulging sex outside of their orientations. Also, I’m pretty certain it were men who kicked my ass in high school a couple times and a guy you tried to rape me in the high school bathroom. Not women.

      You also fail to understand that there are plenty of women who date men knowing that they have sexual attraction to men or have had sexual relations with men, my two ex girlfriends being examples and my cousin’s current wife being another example. You also ignored any of the questions I brought up in my initial post. And in no where in these “reports” does it say anything about someone telling the fiance. You made it about the girlfriend because of your female hate. Also, you wouldn’t be mad if you found out your man was having a years long affair behind your back? These “reports’ still remain entirely baseless and contradictory.

      Please take your woman-hate elsewhere. It’s not helping you or your “All men are bi and all women suck” agenda.

    • Donston

      I just can’t believe that someone is so desperate to support their female hate agenda that they’re defending someone who killed people and showed all the signs of being a psychopath (senseless violence, megalomaniac instincts, gang relation despite growing up in the suburbs, shit load of random tattoos, possible indulgence in bisexual behavior). That’s pretty damn bottom of the barrel and makes you seem as crazy as Aaron likely was. Are you actually gay or did your hatred of women “turn” you gay or are you mad that no pseudo-straight, crazy man wants you?

    • startenout

      Actually, it doesn’t reinforce that women think that way; it only shows that men believe women think that.

    • stevetalbert

      Be careful who you call a Nancy around here. I can imagine there are any number of bodies that coukd earn someone a oretty penny in 4 weeks, a computer, and an Internet connection.

  • Richard 55

    Women are not generally accepting of homosexual feelings in the men they date or are married to. In fact, women punish such men by seeking a divorce. He may never have cheated on her but the idea that he finds men attractive basically terrifies her.

    If anything, there needs to be an investigation.of women’s attitudes. Women should not be allowed to use this as grounds for divorce under the heading “irreconcilable differences”.

    • Donston

      They weren’t even married. And you continue to make up details that extend beyond the unsubstantiated rumors. Now you’re telling people why they should get divorced when people get divorced over far pettier reasons than discovering their spouse has concealed their sexuality. And once again, you completely ignore any of my suppositions and details to re-iterate your basic, woman-hating point.

      Most inter-sexual divorces happen because the man loses sexual interest in his wife or because the wife no longer wants to deal with being cheated on or the husband leaves her for a man.

      Try again.

    • Donston

      Also, if men were more upfront about their inherent orientation, preferences and motivation behind their sexual behavior and/or “identity” this wouldn’t be an issue. This is an issue for male closet cases, men with ego-dystonia and male megalomaniacs with sexual fetishes to solve, not women or even self-accepting homos. And finally, once again, your viewpoint is based on sketchy “reports”, and you’re defending a crazy man and killer to prop up your “point”.

    • Mo Bro

      One of the many, many reasons I have no intention of ever marrying.
      I’ve known (or known of) far too many men whose lives have been destroyed by divorce.

  • Richard 55

    I have never known a woman to say “yay, my husband told me that he has same-sex attractions today – yippee yay yay”.

    If anyone has , I’m all ears.

    • Donston

      And once again, you completely ignore every point to prop up your nonsense.

      Over it.

  • Mo Bro

    More wishful thinking to supplement masturbatorial fantasies about straight men.
    It must be a day of the week that ends with Y.

    • JED08

      Legitimate news outlets are now reporting exactly the same story now though, saying that the boyfriend in high school was real and that this inmate was having a relationship with Aaron and that one of three letters was for him and he is on suicide watch at present. I don’t know what his orientation was but it’s looking like it was not straight. Have you never met a gay guy that you wouldn’t have pegged as gay? I’ve met plenty, they do exist.

  • RIGay

    Okay, honestly, I thought he was hot as a young tight end for the Patriots, and a not-so-tight-end while in trial in prison, and am I the only one who caught the massive peenie sway in his shorts as they walked him out of his house in handcuffs? But I am not holding a candle for him; he was plum stoopid. Period.

    That said – I am not a surprise, but I hate when the media makes it sound so lascivious. Get over whatever, if anything, this turns out to be. People are people.

  • Stilinski26

    Oh yes because he was Bi Sexual he murdered a guy smh. Reminds me of the Orlando shooter report. “He killed gays because he was a closeted gay himself”

    • Baba Booey Fafa Fooey

      But, Omar Mateen was NOT gay.

    • Stilinski26

      Yes but the media were just trying to spin that narrative that he was a self hating Gay man

  • He BGB

    I read an article that he also had a gay boyfriend for several years before he went to prison and they were calling him bi. But if you’re in a relationship with another man for several years, is that bi or gay? I wonder after alot if these athletes are dead if their being gay will come out.

    • SumSay

      Well he did have a fiancee that he knew since elementary school and has a four year old daughter with. He was also known to correspond with women (other than his fiancee) and drew nude women in letters to others as well. He was only recently ALLEGED to be romantically involved with a male friend in high school so it’s all speculation until further details are released.

      I don’t think it’s really a surprise, if it is true, that he had a sexual relationship with a fellow inmate, it’s not exactly uncommon. Doesn’t mean that he identified with being gay/bi though. Prison sex is usually seen as a form of power, dominance, and sexual convenience, not of love.

  • GayEGO

    This makes Hernandez’s suicide more understandable, he was too embarrassed to stand up like a man and come out as who he was, typical of some football jocks I remember back in the day. He hung around with the wrong crowd, druggies, and got himself involved in a mess. Too bad as he could have had a much better life as a football player, though it is best not to mix business with pleasure.

  • Kangol

    Newsweek and other reputable outlets are reporting that Aaron Hernandez had had a boyfriend in high school, and he was forced to testify to the grand jury in the earlier Odin Lloyd murder trial about his relationship with Hernandez. It’s not just the Daily Mail that is mentioning the prison lover or the high school boyfriend.

    The story is tragic on so many levels, and if it turns out that Hernandez killed Lloyd for fear of being outed as gay or bi, it underlines how dangerous homophobia and anti-gay/bi hate, including self-hatred and fear, can be.

    • Baba Booey Fafa Fooey

      I saw it. It’s out on youtube. The prosecutor asks him if he’s married and has kids – he said “no”. He then asked him why he spent time with Hernandez in LA.

      It was effective questioning in regards to figuring out their relationship and if it was a friendship or something more. Guarantee the prosecutor knew it was something more. Everybody in the court probably knew.

  • Donston

    If he was indeed having regular sex with men and the motive for the first murder was not being outed then there’s no agenda for us to be found here. Yes, self-hate and fear can be overwhelming things and lead to people doing crazy sh*t. But it’s pretty obvious this dude was dealing with a lot of things in his psychology that extended beyond possible fear. The man was crazy no matter what his sexual orientation is. And at the end of the day, we will never know what his orientation was. Bi-identifying people will use it to shine a lights on “their cause” but we won’t know if he was legitimately bi or a homo full of self-hate and obsession with hetero-normalcy and hetero dynamics. Homos will use it but he could have had sex with men not because of being gay but because of his psychopathic narcissism and probable megalomaniac fetishes. None of this will help anyone’s cause.

    And none of this has been widely reported. It’s still almost all speculation. Even whether he left suicide notes hasn’t been been made fact. And there are still a lot of contradictory and half-baked “details” and nameless “sources”. Seems more like a Omar Mateen situation, where if anything “fishy” about a killer’s sexuality is there the media pounces for the sake of sensationalism and clicks. But I will stay semi-tuned.

  • jhon_siders

    had a wonder about that he was too good looking to be totally str8 never found a photo of his bare ass saw it in foot ball spandex would have loved to have spanked it !

  • BriBri

    The taxpayers are grateful that he offed himself.

    • Mo Bro

      Amen to that, brother.

    • emily44568798

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  • crowebobby

    I still haven’t heard this mentioned on any of the TV networks even as an unfounded rumour. I’m wondering if they aren’t sparing Aaron’s family this “ultimate shame” during their hour of grief. Maybe I’m being overly cynical.

    • Baba Booey Fafa Fooey

      The ultimate shame? What’s the “ultimate shame”?

    • Donston

      Enough celebs have sued and enough gays have bytched about people being outed that besides selective gossip rags and sites (though no TMZ) the media doesn’t out celebrities any longer. Oh, they’ll still pick apart every sordid aspect of their personal lives and publish clearly made-up rumors. But potential homosexuality is off limits, apparently even for the dead.

      However, I appreciate that media the hasn’t picked up this particular “aspect” of the story up. It’s pure and sudden conjecture, and I’ve grown weary of sexuality being used for sensationalism, especially after the Omar Mateen nonsense.

  • DCguy

    This is the closet and what it does to people. He kills somebody who made a comment that could be interpreted to be calling Hernandez gay.

    Yet this is exactly what the right wing wants. They attack anything or anybody that is out, that expresses themselves etc… They want to go back to the day where anybody who dared to come out was driven to suicide or murder. Hernandez was a murderous asshole, but without the closet he would have most likely been much happier. (Until of course the bigots in the NFL found an excuse to fire him for some invented other reason.)

  • Baba Booey Fafa Fooey

    This topic looks dead to queerty people but I just want to point the homophobic urgency that has taken place to paint Aaron Hernandez as heterosexual has been shameful.

    I’ll echo the great points another poster said on a gossip site that it appears a murderous terrorist can easily be labeled gay but a sports hero (who was also a murderer and shot a guy in the face cannot be). They label it as a “smear” or “troubling”.

    A gay right-wing sports blog even wrote about how it was “troubling” to label Hernandez as gay or bisexual, despite evidence that it looks like he was. I googled this right-wing writer’s name along with Omar Mateen and could not find similar articles he had written when the world declared Mateen was gay despite the FBI saying he wasn’t. Maybe Mateen WAS gay and he just wasn’t into guys and liked to send pics of himself to females. Maybe gay men do this.

    The right-wing writer also sided with NBC article that everybody found to be homophobic.

    Gay shame is so deeply rooted in gay people and of course straight people. But, I’ve noticed that not only does it upset and offend straight people if a sports hero is thought to be gay but it also upsets gay people. They get upset over Rodgers, they get upset over Ronaldo, even Tim Tebow!

    I don’t believe this was a “hoax” or “smear”. What do they have to gain with this?

    This whole Hernandez thing has just showed me that homophobia is still very much around in both gay and straight people.

    • Donston

      Both the reports and the reaction to the reports seem rooted in homophobia, gay shame and painting homosexuality as lascivious/tragic.

      Honestly, no one knows who this man was or who he was having sex with in or out of prison. All we know is that he was a likely killer and certain psychopath.

      However, as I’ve said many times our culture has been taking steps backward. “Gayness” is once again seen as something that should be “left in the bedroom”, something dehumanizing and something that’s shameful to be tagged. There is no more talk about pride and self-acceptance. Instead, the agenda has become “be who you wanna be” (aka if you wanna stay in the closet, fine. If you only want to use men for sex, fine). It just amazes me that there’s still not a single openly gay NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, etc player. Hell, not one on the men’s tennis tour either. People love to talk about how much progress has been made and how “it’s 2017 no one cares”, but all the instances of world-wide violent homophobia, still prevalent internalized homophobia and the obvious closet cases who remain scared to speak up continue to say that the progress is a borderline illusion.

      However, as I said, the “reports” still remain vague conjecture at this point. And I doubt they’ll ever become more than that even if there is truth them.

    • Donston

      Furthermore, there’s definitely more “evidence” on the side of Aaron Rodgers and Tim Tebow. Much more to rummage through when it comes to those two than conjecture from a nameless source. I also think many gay people are tired of being accused of trying to make everyone gay as if every gay rumor actually comes from homos and are tired of trying to pull celebs out of the closet. I’ve adopted a “if they don’t want to speak out and join the club then screw them” mentality. It’s a cynical take. But I’ve come to accept that no matter how much supposed “progress” we make sexual behavior and sexual identity will always be rooted in ego, sociology and psychology as much as it’s rooted in baseline orientation.

    • Baba Booey Fafa Fooey

      I agree with everything in your post. Very well said – all of it.

      I definitely see a “be who want” mentality and gay is being shamed again. The entire response to Hermandez has been has been homophobic. It’s gay erasure and bi erasure. A phenomenon I’m seeing as of late.

      Nancy Grace has picked this story up and the reactions on her twitter have been met with “leave him alone” and “you’re better than this”. This man is a murderer! Do they make the same statements about Jeffrey Dahmer?

      It’s the “sports hero” element with Hernandez. Remove the sports hero element, nobody would care. But, people, both gay and straight, can’t fathom a sports hero who is gay or bisexual. Why? I have no idea. But, people are defending a MURDERER to bisexual possibilities.

      And, looking at Ryan McDonnell and Kyle Kennedy – they both look similar. Hernandez had a taste for white thinks. This adds credence to this story.

    • Baba Booey Fafa Fooey


    • Baba Booey Fafa Fooey

      One thing I’ve noticed while watching the testimonies of AH’s friends is that the prosecutors all asked questions about how deep their relationships went with Herndandez, specifically with McDonnell. What kind of relationship was it and so on? McDonnell went to Costa Rica with Hernandez alone for a week. The guy he shot in the face testified that Hernandez said, “He didn’t like people knowing his business”. You should watch them. The gay elephant in the room is there.

    • Donston

      I hardly think Kyle Kennedy is a “twink”. Every skinny white dude who looks younger than 30 is a twink now?

      I’ve seen some bits and pieces of video. Ultimately, I just don’t care much. The man is dead. The man was a murderer. I just don’t particularly care to try and figure out what his orientation was or his sexual “lifestyle”. If someone with first-hand knowledge spoke up and was willing to give details I might feel differently. But that’s very unlikely to happen.

      It’s not just the “sport’s hero” thing (although even at his prime Aaron was hardly a “hero”). At least that’s not what it all is. It’s also the fact that his killings was seen as a macho act, protecting his pride and living by the street code, which a lot of people disturbingly support or at least don’t entirely condemn. If he killed people to hide his sexuality and/or because he was just crazy it ruins that “street code” image and it also forces people to look at homosexuality differently.

    • Baba Booey Fafa Fooey

      In some pics Kennedy gives off a twink vibe to me. Just my opinion.

      Hernandez was a sports hero. He was the number one tight end in the country when he was recruited by Florida.

      That element to me, is the only thing that seperates him to Omar Mateen. It was unviserally (practically), that Omar was a closeted gay man who committed that massacre. That is what became in the news, despite the FBI claiming otherwise. People accepted this. Hernandez, on the other hand, they are not accepting that he was bisexual and they (the media and people) are fighting hard to discredit this possibility, something they most certainly did not do with Omar Mateen. They continued with the narrative that Omar was a closet-case.

  • Baba Booey Fafa Fooey

    “The right-wing writer also sided with NBC article that everybody found to be homophobic.” And, yes, why wouldn’t he? ?

  • Baba Booey Fafa Fooey

    And he wa a sports hero. When he played, he was one of the best tight ends in the NFL. Plus, he was a Super Bowl winner. That’s just opinion, however. Everybody will something different, I guess.

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