Ex-NFL star Larry Johnson goes on crazy rant about NBA star Dwayne Wade’s son’s crop top

Retired NFL running back Larry Johnson has made some pretty wacky allegations against Dwyane Wade, accusing the NBA superstar of plotting to sacrifice his son to a clandestine elite society in exchange for money and power.

The comments, made earlier this week, stemmed from Wade’s family Thanksgiving photo in which his son Zion can be seen rocking a crop top and some white acrylics.

In a Twitter rant on Tuesday, Johnson wrote, “I didn’t see what the issue with Wades family photo was all about…”

And that’s when things got weird.

Johnson went on to accuse the three-time NBA champ, whose Twitter avatar shows him making a triangle shape with his fingers, of being connected to the fraternal order of masons, which dates back to the Middle Ages.

“Freemasons believe in sacrificing a child or their child to the doctrines of demons, doing what he’s told for worldly wealth,” Johnson wrote.

This isn’t the first time Johnson has gone off the deep end on Twitter either. Just a few months ago, he claimed the NBA and NFL have an “effeminate agenda.”

“There is an Effeminate Agenda going on amongst the NBA & NFL elite, peddled by high ranking Masons/handlers to indoctrinate the heterosexual sports world without them knowing, for the buying power of the LGBTQ community,” he tweeted in August.

He then went on to suggest basketball players dress like teenage boys, have “softened” their style, and are losing weight to “fit the feminine archetype.”

Johnson also has a history of accusing people on social media of belonging to secret societies and cults.

“Im sorry it’s hard for you to swallow that top tier professional athletes of this generation are flirting with secret society/mystery Babylonian religions: Baal/Baphomet that include disgusting sacrifices,” he tweeted in September in response to former New England Patriots receiver Antonio Brown being accused of sexual assault.

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