Ex-Priest John M. Fiala Tried Paying $5K To Kill The Teenage Boy Accusing Him Of Rape At Gunpoint

It wasn’t enough for Texas’ Catholic priest John M. Fiala to (allegedly) molest a teenage boy in 2008. Now he’s gone and (allegedly) tried to have him killed. No homo.

Fiala is now sitting in a Dallas prison after being arrested trying to arrange a hit with what turned out to be an undercover cop, all in an effort to keep his victim from talking.

A DPS investigation began Nov. 11, when a neighbor of Fiala tipped off Edwards County Sheriff Don Letsinger. “I received a call from an unnamed informant who was having problems with the way Fiala was acting,” the sheriff said. The neighbor “had been solicited (to commit the murder) himself, and he didn’t want anything to do with that,” Letsinger said. Fiala reportedly offered the neighbor $5,000 to kill the teen, the sheriff said. […] The Texas Rangers and Department of Public Safety troopers arrested Fiala on Thursday after he negotiated a murder arrangement with an undercover officer at his residence in Garland, DPS spokesman Tom Vinger said. […] Fiala had been living in Dallas County since he was released from Edwards County Jail after posting $100,000 bail Sept. 27. A fugitive task force arrested him in Kansas on the Edwards County charges, and he was extradited to Texas in September.

The boy’s attorney doesn’t sound surprised: His client says the priest — who served at the Sacred Heart of Mary Parish in West Texas — threatened him with violence and murder before. Which is how Fiala apparently likes it — he was indicted on three counts of aggravated sexual assault of a child after holding the boy at gunpoint while he allegedly raped him. Twice. [Houston Chronicle, AP]

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  • justiceontherocks

    Roman Catholic priests no longer get a presumption of innocence. I assume they are all sick pedophiles until it’s proven otherwise. The world would be far better off without this sick corrupt money-grubbing corporation.

  • Matt

    At last, A Cathloic “saint” no longer gets to keep marching (I men molesting) on! Maybe Texas is getting some of their shit together…. Hope the AG does not get involved in this case or he’ll claim “I see nothing, I hear nothing… we are all just good ol boys in Texas” Just like Gov. Perry…

  • Cam

    Make sure everybody in prison knows he raped a kid then throw him to the wolves.

  • scott ny'er

    wow, not only a sexual abuser/possible rapist, BUT he wanted to be a murderer as well. Nice PRIEST!!!

    Man, these religious nuts are CRAZY. Karma, please use your powers to it’s full extent on this mofo. It’s a good start getting him arrested, but it’s not nearly enough.

  • Lucius Vorenus

    He will be repeatedly raped in prison… That will make him see the consequences of what he did. Priests are all unbalanced, rapist maniacs.

  • Greg in Nashville

    If any other organization had had as many cases of child molestation as the Catholic Church, they’d have been shut down, banned, you name it. But somehow they manage to survive!

    So very sad for those victimized by these priests.

  • Skywalker

    This headline was horribly written. I only read this to see what the hell this story was about. In any case, I’m disgusted, and I hope that this priest is thrown into the lions’ den.

  • Imo

    Where did he get 100.000$ from ???

    Aren’t priests supposed to be poor – like
    Jesus said?

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