Ex-Priest Kevin Gray Stole $1.3 Million Because ‘The Church Owed It To Him’?

Why did Kevin Gray, Connecticut’s ex-Roman Catholic priest, allegedly steal $1.3 million from the church to pay for things like expensive meals and male escorts? Because the church “owed” him.

The escorts. The Manhattan apartment (for a 35-year-old male “friend”). That friend’s Harvard tuition. And $80k on clothes alone. The list of Gray’s expenditures were made known during his arraignment yesterday, as were his web of lies: supposedly telling this friend he was a lawyer for Catholic Charities and was suffering from colon cancer.

But why make the church suffer for his own selfishness? Because “he had grown to hate being a priest and was upset with the archdiocese for the assignments they had given him over the years,” according to his arrest warrant, like “being transferred in 2001 to New Hartford while his mom was dying in New Haven,” relays the NY Post. The warrant claims Gray says the theft began in 2003 “because he felt that the church owed it to him.” Which is sooo did, with those silly rules about not having sex with men!

At least he wasn’t worshiping a false idol?