Ex-Sean Cody Model Jason Andrews Gets Life Sentence For 2010 Murder

If you’ve seen Jason Andrews (right) on Sean Cody, you better commit his image to memory: The 28-year-old porn actor is going away for life for the murder of Florida tattoo artist Dennis Abrahamson.

According to Adult Video News, he and fellow porn star Amanda Logue agreed to join Abrahamson for a sex party in May 2010, but instead the couple bludgeoned and stabbed the 41-year-old to death and stole his credit card, cash, video camera and laptop.

The killing was notable for its brutality and the callousness with which the killers planned and executed the crime, including exchanging lurid text messages in the hours leading up to the attack. Logue had been hired by Abrahamson to have sex with him on camera during the party.

After they were initially released by authorities for lack of evidence, Logue and Andrews fled separately. But when new evidence emerged, Andrews was arrested in Chattanooga, TN, where he was working at an upscale cigar bar. He plead guilty in exchange for taking the death penalty off the table.

Aside from his careers in porn, homicide and bartending, Andrews was known in the Chicago nightlife scene as DJ Veritas.

Source: AVN via Unicorn Booty. Photo:Hudson County Police Department

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  • Tangelo

    What was his Sean Cody name?

  • jjj


  • steve sydney

    Does this mean I can longer enjoy the videos of his hung cock?

  • Mike UK

    nice to know she went home to her husband and child, can’t you just imagine the family reunion!!!

  • Oh Dear (John From England)

    I bet it was her idea. Men-gay and straight-are always been manipulated by women-fag hags for the gays and seductresses for the straight guys-but good on them. Heck, if the guy is that stupid and self loathing he deserves all he gets.

    A sweet smile, hair tied back, an old granny dress and the 90 year old judge appointed by Bush who still feels women should never have gotten the vote because they can’t spell, will think you are the victim because your tiny brain is not capable of such strategic thinking.

    You smile. Cry a few tears and voila you get a suspended sentence and warned by the judge to not let men lead you astray!

  • Torrie

    Shame to such a beautiful dick go to waste!

  • Mike UK

    @Torrie: I’m sure his prick and his butt won’t go to waste when he’s in prison!!!

  • Disgusted American

    well young man – I hope that pussy was worth it…..???? Cause you’ll be paying for it – forever!

  • Ryan

    @steve sydney: No. It means you can enjoy them even more…if he’s on top the killer factor makes it even hotter.

  • MEJ

    The rest of your life in jail over $6000. Pathetic.

  • dvlaries

    I still haven’t seen a story about how much time Ryan Idol got, and he was supposed to be sentenced back on December 9?

  • Bryan

    He was such a good actor too. Oh well, do the crime, you do the time. R.I.P

  • Oh dear (John From England 2012)

    @DenverBarbie: Lol, nope! Jason’s posts intellectual rants about the subject in a way as if he has asperger’s.

    I’m just calling a spade a spade. Nothing complex. Just what we see day in, day night in everyday life about human nature, though I get that gay men have a severe blind-spot when it comes to women in general, regardless of how nasty they are.

  • Oh, ok.

    Someone who is used to getting something for nothing(sorry but having sex on camera or off isn’t work) wanting another easy way to make undeserved income? Shocking!

    They usually choose the homeless and/or lazy thugs for this crap anyway. Not surprised at all.

  • KyleW

    @Oh, ok.: Yeah, totally agree. Not casting a moral judgement on the guy’s porn career, but it’s not a surprise to see stores like this occasionally. I think sometimes it’s the fact that people like him see themselves as so beautiful that the world owes them a living.

  • B

    No. 17 · Oh, ok wrote, “(sorry but having sex on camera or off isn’t work)”

    I once talked to a guy who was in a porn flick (just a short conversation) and he said it was a lot of work and not particularly sexual. It seems they continually tell the “actors” to ‘freeze’ in some position while they adjust the camera angle or reload some film/memory cards/whatever, not to mention the stage directions and whatever else goes on there. They end up ‘frozen’ in uncomfortable positions while all this “behind the scenes” stuff is going on.

    Don’t think he particularly enjoyed it (other than maybe the paycheck) but we didn’t go into a lot of details.

  • charlie_jack

    He is/was British isn’t he?

  • nikko

    I remember seeing Addison’s hot performance on I was shocked to read about his criminal behaviour. Nothing can erase such heinous sin….just awful.

  • shannon


  • vixlad

    @Tangelo: Addison

  • vixlad

    @KyleW: I agree

  • allana

    @charlie_jack: He was never British!! He grew up in Enterprise, KS!

  • dvlaries

    @Freddie: I did a little investigating because I had started to fear I had one of Addison’s clips that might have been produced after the killing, but I was wrong. Close, but wrong.
    The one you put up a url to carries a production date of 4/29/10, and a day later he made an action gay one for Extra Big Dicks with Parker Brooks, but both are a mere (and respective) 16 and 15 days before the man turned killer.
    He and his female accomplice got themselves caught idiotically using one of their victim’s credit cards at a Home Depot. Talk about the “banality of evil.” 27 is awfully young to so thoroughly destory the rest of your life.

  • gang

    He is not human trash. The sentence is too heavy for him. Dam it!

  • battiboy

    The U.S. legal system is so corrupt and unjust. Even if innocent of any crime people plead guilty because of the ridiculous plee bargain system.

    ‘Plead guilty and we wont murder you’. Barbaric country.

  • Kenover

    @dvlaries: 12 years

  • BGinBigD

    Not sure if “Addison” was a top or bottom, but he be a bottom bitch now!!!!! Wish he’d stay in prison for his entire sentence!

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