Douche of the Week

Ex-Sportscaster Damian Goddard Recasts Himself As Victim, Marriage Defender

Each week, Queerty picks one blowhard, hypocrite, airhead, sanctimonious prick or other enemy of all that is queer to be the Douche of the Week. Have a nominee for DOTW? E-mail it to us at [email protected].

This week, dear readers, it was you who guided us to name former sportscaster Damian Goddard as our Douche of the Week.

Yesterday we posted that the soppy-eyed Canadian—who tweeted his disgust for gay marriage back in May—had been made the newest spokesperson for the National Association for Marriage’s Marriage Anti-Defamation Alliance.

And Queerty readers chimed in.

Cam said: “How appropriate, they chose an unrepentant bigot as their poster boy. This isn’t about marriage. Because this man just attacked gays, not marriage.”

Dallas David said: “And now he’s got a plush job as a professional bigot with NOM.”

And Ke said, “he must be struggling with “something” to have this much passion.”

And we said, “Wow, what a douche!”

In case you missed it, here’s the ex- Sportsnet broadcaster moping about losing his job:



In an interview with Canada’s National Post, Goddard made his case for being DOTW even clearer.

“I do not hate homosexuals,” he tells reporter Charles Lewis. “But if I remain silent I am consenting to something I don’t believe in. I have 2,000 years of Christian history backing me up on this. I’m good with that.”

So does that mean we’re implicitly supporting every single thing we don’t mouth off about on Twitter?

Oh God, Ashton Kutcher was right!

Now Goddard is employing the favorite tactic of the anti-gay squad: painting himself as a victim! He’s brought a case to the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal, claiming his free-speech rights were violated when he was terminated.

We’re not experts in Canadian law, but if it’s anything like American law the freedom of speech protects you from government sanctions for what you’ve said or written. If you work at McDonald’s and shout from the rooftops that the McRib sandwich is an abomination, the Bill of Rights isn’t going to save your job.

Whether private individuals should be fired for voicing political opinions on their private Twitter feeds or Facebook pages is a thorny subject. But Goddard wasn’t just a private personality—he was on-air talent, who are routinely held to a different standard because their words and actions can reflect badly on the network.

All together now: What a douche!