Star Trek Actor Happy With Second Slot, Equality

Excited Gays Cut Takei’s Wedding Line

It’s pandemonium in West Hollywood, where homos shut down the streets as they celebrated gay marriage. George Takei and boyfriend Brad Altman were meant to be the ‘hood’s first gay marriage, but some eager beavers beat ’em to the punch:

The first pair to wed at the West Hollywood Park Auditorium was originally going to be Star Trek veteran George Takei and his partner, Brad Altman, who arrived in a limo. They spoke at a press conference before heading in to get their license. “May equality live long and prosper,” Takei said. “Isn’t this a glorious California morning for couples to make history?”

There was just one problem with the perfect photo op. Michael Ferrera and Gregg Boyd didn’t realize there even was a line, and when they entered the auditorium, they were awarded the first license. Takei waited patiently, hugging other couples.

The men got the second slot and went on their merry way.