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Comedian Jay Leno, who supported gay marriage in West Hollywood last night, had this to say about same-sex bups: “The nice thing about gay marriage is you have TWO people excited about the wedding. In straight marriages, only one person is excited. Gay marriage, both persons are excited. But you know what’s so funny to me, it’s how people miss out on the economic benefits just in terms of catering and flowers and planning. The services that come with it. I see all the companies that have benefited from gay travel. …It just seems like common sense. Gas is four bucks a gallon. For me to worry about what Larry and Bob are doing seems sort of ridiculous.” [Inside SoCal]

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  • CAm

    Thank you Jay! Frankly if there are any real, old school Goldwater style republicans left out there, this would be a great issue for them. Good economy and staying out of peoples personal business……of course that isn’t what Rove, Bush etc… are about but seriously, California stands to gain a huge amount of money just from New Yorkers coming there for their weddings. Hell Nevada will probably legalize gay marraige just to keep up!

  • hells kitchen guy

    All the businesspeople in Calif. are rubbing their hands waiting for the gay couples & their families to come pouring in. Makes sense!

  • Alexa

    Exactly. Unless conservatives have a fanatical religious objection to being gay they should be ecstatic about gay marriage. In England they call it the pink pound.

    And good for Leno for supporting this, the more “normal” people who come out in support of gay marriage the better.

  • M Shane

    His comment is funny: about two people being excited. I wonder if that’s the case. With straights it would oof course be the woman having trapped her quarry.

  • tracy johnson

    BLAST!!!!, I’ll be thinking everything in a Jay Leno voice for the rest of the night.

  • whatever

    It’s too bad Jay isn’t funny at all. Then maybe he could be less homophobic then usual without being terribly sexist.

  • Jeff Klees

    Who is Jay Leno?

  • Charles J. Mueller

    Aw c’mon you naysayers. Even when someone says something good about gays, you still have to take a dump on them?

    Leno was supportive in his comments. At least give credit where credit is due.

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