Watch: Exclusive Backstage Look at DWV During Their Happier Times

Willam Belli Hey Qween Jonny McGovern DWV Breakup Featured Image

In an extra clip from Willam Belli’s recent interview on Jonny McGovern’s talk show ‘Hey Qween!’, Willam shares an exclusive backstage clip of DWV during their happier times.

“We were fighting. We always fight, we’re drag queens!” Willam says right before the clip airs. Then, following the clip he nostalgically adds, “It’s hard not to watch it and smile.”

While it was definitely sad news when the DWV breakup was confirmed, we’re glad that Willam seems happy in this interview and that all of the former DWV members seem to have great plans for their solo careers.

Be sure to also watch Willam’s full interview on ‘Hey Qween!’ to hear him talk more about the drama behind the DWV breakup.

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