Exclusive benefits for gay travelers from gay cabin crew? Count us in!

Sean Hayes presents his fictional Fruitfly app on Jimmy Kimmel Live
Sean Hayes presents his fictional Fruitfly app on Jimmy Kimmel Live (Photo: YouTube)

This is not a true thing, but we kind of wish it was: An app that allows gay cabin crew to identify gay passengers in order to give them extra perks [and no, we’re not talking about Grindr].

Jimmy Kimmel is taking a break from hosting his late-night chat show over the summer. Several special guests will be filling his shoes on a weekly basis, and it all kicked off last night with Will & Grace actor Sean Hayes.

Hayes gave an opening monologue in which he talked about President Joe Biden’s recent bike fall and CDC advice about monkeypox. Hayes also revealed that because of his iconic role as Jack on Will & Grace, whenever he flies anywhere, gay cabin crew recognize him and find a way of slipping him some extras from the trolley.

He says he now wants to pass these benefits on to others in the community.

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This led to a comedy skit in which he showed off a fictional new app, entitled Fruitfly, which connects gay travelers with gay cabin crew, for them to receive similar perks.

You can watch from the 8-minute mark below.

The app rejects heterosexual people who try to use it (“Buzz off, breeder”, quips Hayes), and allows Hayes entry to a secret gay disco at the back of the plane.

Hayes’ hosting gig seemed to go down well, with many online complimenting his performance.

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