EXCLUSIVE: Billy Cavallo On Life After Winning ‘Most Original Stoli Guy’ In America

It has been one crazy week for Billy Cavallo, the Philadelphia student who was named “The Most Original Stoli Guy” in America after a showstopping finale in New York City.

Billy impressed the Stoli Guy judges — Kimberley Locke, Andrew Christian and Claire Buffie — with his heartfelt rendition of “All-American Boy” by Steve Grand. Billy also got the stamp of approval from the audience when he the rocked his custom red Stoli and Andrew Christian underwear.

So what’s next for Billy? In the next few months, he will be flying to Los Angeles for an exclusive photoshoot and video with the creative team from Andrew Christian.

Queerty chatted with the charismatic winner about his moment in the spotlight.

You got a little teary eyed when you were declared the winner.

This whole event from the beginning has been just a whirlwind experience. I went into this with no expectations, except being able to meet new people and have a good time. So to be able to win the Philadelphia title and actually win the national title was quite the shock. I was just really happy, and seeing the reaction from my family who came to support got me was a little emotional too.

What did your friends and family think of you becoming The Most Original Stoli Guy in America?

Everyone was so supportive from the beginning, and after I won I had tons of texts and Facebook notifications within the hour after it was announced. My family was the most supportive and ecstatic of everyone. I actually had my mom, her boyfriend, and dad and my step-mom all at the competition and I don’t think I’ve ever seen them happier.

Your original talent was singing. Is this something you’d like to pursue as a career?

I’ve never really thought about it. I’m one of those “sing in the shower and privacy of your car” kind of people. But I think that if an opportunity arises for me to try out singing then I definitely would not turn it down. I’ve been told that I have a nice voice so if it can get me somewhere, I’m all for it.

What did the judges (Kimberley Locke, Andrew Christian, Miss NY Claire Buffie) say to you after you won? Did they give you any words of advice about being in the spotlight?

Andrew said how excited he was to work with me, and Kimberly and Claire were gushing over me and were actually not convinced that I was gay at first. The moments after winning were such a blur that I don’t really remember specifics but they all said that would definitely be having a good time this next year with my title.


Queerty readers want to know: are you bringing a special someone (boyfriend?) to your vacation in Key West?

Considering I’m planning my trip around Christmas time, only time will tell. But if I’m single, I will definitely be ready to mingle.

As part of the online component of The Most Original Stoli Guy, Stoli USA donated $10,000 to CenterLink, an organization working to support LGBT community centers across the country.