EXCLUSIVE: More Out Celebs Share Their First Gay Bar Experiences


The Boy Bar, Splash, Rage — oh, the wonderful world of gay bar names. These three in particular happen to be the scenes of three celebrities’ very first gay bar experiences.

And you never forget your first. When you’re jaded, a bar’s sticky floor might be the feature you remember most, but walking into a gay bar for the first time is a rite of passage, usually marked with conflicting emotions of anxiety, liberation, excitement and perhaps nausea.

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For instance, Andy Cohen‘s first bar for dudes who like dudes was Chaps in Boston. Don Lemon‘s was the Bengal in Baton Rouge. Who knew?!

When Queerty’s Rob Smith was on the red carpet at Logo’s Trailblazers Honors last weekend, he didn’t pass up the opportunity to ask some of the celebrities walking the red carpet about their entry point into the world of gay bars.

Watch below to hear what Carson Kressley, Alex Newell, Candis Cayne, Omar Sharif, Jr., Michael Musto, Joel Grey, and Harvey Fierstein had to say: