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EXCLUSIVE: Check out the trailer for the gay wrestling doc ‘Cassandro the Exotico’

Wrestling is about as homoerotic as sports get.

So why has it taken so long to have a few out-queer wrestlers? Meet Saul Armendariz, better known by his stage name Cassandro, Mexico’s out-gay wrestling superstar. As a competitor in the Luca Libra wrestling circuit, Cassandro has earned the nickname the “Liberace of Luca Libre” courtesy of his outrageous, drag-inspired costumes.

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Now Cassandro opens up about his life in the new documentary Cassandro the Exotico from director Marie Losier. The film details Cassandro’s rise as an out-gay sports superstar, and his final year in wrestling before retirement.

Cassandro the Exotico opens in New York July 19 before beginning a national rollout.