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Exclusive: Check out the trailer to the steamy–and scary–new series “The Third”

Streaming service Dekkoo has just dropped the trailer for its latest series and also proved it does not fear controversy.

The Third follows a lonely 29-year-old gay man named Jason, (Sean McBride) who decides to enter into a relationship with an older Palm Springs couple Carl and David (Corey Page and Ryland Shelton). Carl & David’s marriage has hit the rocks, and when they discover Jason, they see a means to spice things up. As the three become determined to make their triad relationship work, a cauldron of jealousy, secrets and anger begins to brew.

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The Third aims to examine the need for gay role models, the role of sex in long-term relationships and the universal need for love with its own mix of drama and eroticism. Can a three-way relationship work? Is it healthy to even try? Can someone getting involved with a couple actually find love? Or are they just a new toy?

The new series comes to Dekkoo October 24.

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