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Exclusive! GLAAD Responds to Queerty’s Post Questioning AT&T Merger

Remember that post from this morning about GLAAD? “Why The Hell Is GLAAD Supporting The AT&T And T-Mobile Merger?” we asked. To their credit, GLAAD kindly responded, and they would very much like to answer that question.

After the jump, we have a nice long (Queerty-exclusive!) statement from the organization. But they also sent us a more succinct explanation. Here it is:

For us, this is about growing online advocacy work- which speaks to GLAAD’s work of sharing stories and helping LGBT organizations communicate widely and effectively. We previously wrote a letter to the FCC speaking out against NBC’s merger with Comcast because of NBC’s poor representations of our community at that time. It is important that the FCC hears from LGBT voices in these decisions.

So there you have it: the merger, GLAAD believes, will make it easier for LGBT activists to communicate. What do you think, Queerty readers — a valid explanation?

Check out their longer statement after the jump.