Exclusive: Gravel On Obama’s Gay Gospel Gaffe

Presidential candidate Mike Gravel would like to share a few words on Barack Obama‘s recent gay drama. Read what the gay-marriage supporting Democrat has to say for himself, after the jump.

Barack Obama’s refusal to dump the anti-gay singer from his South Carolina event shouldn’t surprise anyone, especially gays. The fundraising phase of the campaign is over; now the candidates are focusing on courting voters. Gay fundraisers lined the pockets of Clinton, Obama and Edwards despite their refusal to support your marriage rights. Now they’ll further distance themselves from your cause to get votes in places like SC. When the general election starts, forget it.

This is what happens when the LGBT community doesn’t stand up and insist that their candidates express a total commitment to equality. One piece of advice: Be suspicious anytime you hear politicians talk about their ‘moral values.’ No one collects $100 million without compromising his or her moral values constantly.

Dennis Kucinich and I are the only candidates who support marriage equality. I constantly say that anyone who refuses to support your right to marry is keeping you in second class citizenship. Yet, the gay leadership was silent this week when NBC kicked me out of the next debate because I didn’t raise enough money. (The gay press was also silent except Queerty! Love you guys.) Eventually your community will learn to embrace your true allies. Until then, expect more anti-gay politics from Democrats as well as Republicans.
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