EXCLUSIVE: How To Succeed’s Michael Urie On His Bromance With Nick Jonas


Across America, tweens—and certain gay men—were moist with anticipation for the debut of clean-cut poster Nick Jonas in How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying.  But Nick wasn’t the only new star in the show. Michael Urie of Ugly Betty fame is now co-starring as Bud Frump, Mr. Biggley’s lazy and conniving nephew.

After his debut Tuesday night, Urie chatted with Queerty  about hitting the big stage. “Broadway musicals are crazy—so much bigger than off-Broadway in every way. The audience is nearly six times as large as my last gig, doing Chekhov at Classic Stage Company.  And that loosey-goosey say-it-when-you-feel-like-it aspect of straight theater is long gone. You gotta stay with the music!”

And not surprisingly, he’s got nothing but love for the youngest JoBro: “Nick is the greatest. We’ve been having such a blast together.  It was a real luxury getting to learn the show together in rehearsals. He’s incredibly generous, and such a natural on the stage. I’ve learned a lot from him. ”

In the video above, the two singing thespians joke around and ask each other silly questions. It’s not the video of the two of them we fantasize about seeing (wink, wink) but it’s still very cute.