EXCLUSIVE: Johnny Weir, Now An “Old Married Man,” Flashes Major Bling, Wants To Lose 3 Pounds

The always-flamboyant Johnny Weir and his new husband Victor Voronov made an appearance at the 2012 GLAAD Media Awards, where they showed off some new rings. While Johnny’s was flashy and huge, Victor’s was more muted.

“I’m a loud-mouthed figure skater who wears sparkles, he is an attorney,” Johnny told us. “So there’s a different level of conservatism.”

He also told us they’re not “a part of the scene… We don’t do the gay clubs,” adding, “I’m youngish, but I’m an old married man now.”

Though they tied the knot in a small civil ceremony earlier this year, Johnny is still planning a bigger ceremony down the road. “My vision is just a room of people who love us, and that we love… and Lady Gaga dancing on a piano, Sarah Jessica Parker doing a speech—whatever gorgeousness we can have, we’ll have.”

On getting ready for the 2014 Olympics, the skinny Mr. Weir says: “I’m losing my weight slowly but surely… I’ve got three pounds more to go. Then I’ll be at fighting weight.”

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  • cam


  • Belize

    @cam: Don’t worry. One day you’ll get married to!

    Until then, sweetie… *hands you box of tissues.

  • homer



    What’s the problem, hubby can’t get it up?

  • Kate Bushwhacked

    I like him, he seems honest. And he’s a terrific skater.

  • Mike1987

    @Kate Bushwhacked: I wish him and hubby well

  • Cam


    So lets see, I express indifference and you have to try to say something ridiculous.

    Fact is, Weir played hide the truth, now just does whatever he can to get attention. Doesn’t seem to care that he is married, only that he has an event that gets him some attention.

    “Getting Married” isn’t the goal “Sweetie” being married is. Hopefully Weir will figure that out one day.

  • Ramone

    2 words: TEAM LYSACEK

  • jimmy

    seriously Johnny Weir…how much you paying that “Husband” to stay with you and how long is the contract.

  • Luka

    @cam and @jimmy I spotted that, too. Thank you.

  • Luka

    J & V have their share of arguements. Vs embarrassed. Doesn’t have his act down. FTR, V has charges that hinder his “Imma lawyer” process, and we know who the person is behind the camera. M, we smell u. Cheap PR. A sale! A sale! That is all.

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