Singing Out & Proud

EXCLUSIVE: Listen to Grammy winner Lisa Loeb’s new Pride anthem “Sing Out”

Lisa Loeb wants you to “Sing Out.”

The Grammy-winning singer/songwriter, known for hit singles like “Stay” and “I Do,” is hard at work on her new album (we’re not allowed to reveal the title) due out next year. Loeb offered Queerty an exclusive preview of the album with the release of the first single, “Sing Out.” Loeb penned the song with co-writer Eric Lumiere after performing at Nashville Pride several years ago, drawing inspiration from the joy of the crowd before her. She told Queerty the track “is really about celebrating who you are, who I am, who we are individually, and that touches on feelings of feeling insecure to be yourself, and realizing how important it is to celebrate yourself.”

“It should be a universal right to be yourself and respect others. So that’s really what the song is about,” she added. Queerty & Loeb coordinated to release the song to coincide with Coming Out Day.

Have a listen to the new track…and it might be wise to have some Kleenex on hand when you do.