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EXCLUSIVE: From poppers to SPF, the ‘Fire Island’ cast has your must-pack list for The Pines

Photo Credit: Jeong Park / Searchlight Pictures.

It’s Pride Month and summer is in full swing, but before you head off to “The Pines”—or Provincetown, or Palm Springs, or Grand Rapids, MN (What? It’s where Judy Garland was born!)—the cast of Fire Island has a vacation packing list ready for you, and you better be checking it twice!

The charming queer rom-com already feels like the movie event of the season, so Queerty is thrilled to offer this exclusive look at a new Fire Island featurette with Joel Kim Booster, Bowen Yang, and the rest of the film’s stars.

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Whether you’ve already got your trip booked, or seeing the movie has made you curious about visiting the gay hot spot for the first time, the gang’s all here to run you through the “Fire Island essentials.” From the jump, Matt Rogers quips he’s “always surprised how little you need to bring,” which is immediately undercut by the long laundry list of items offered up by Tomás Matos, Torian Miller, and James Scully.

Crop tops, poppers, fanny packs, condoms… what else are we forgetting?

True to her role as the Fire Island family’s mother hen, Margaret Cho offers up the most essential summer item of all: Sunblock! “SPF 30 at least,” adds Yang.

For the rest of their list, check out the full featurette below, and don’t miss Fire Island, streaming exclusively on Hulu.

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