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The Gays Come To The Rescue In This Year’s Most Crowd-Pleasing Movie

Recalling other rousing British-made working-class comedy-dramas such as Billy Elliot, Calendar Girls and The Full Monty, the new film Pride depicts a true, yet little-known story of a ragtag group of young gay and lesbian activists in London in the mid-1980s who decided to raise money to support the striking miners of a small Welsh town. Naturally, some of the townsfolk aren’t very receptive to taking money from homos, but that only inspires “the gays,” as they’re called here, to work harder. It’s a joyous, crowd-pleasing film with a sublime soundtrack filled with British pop hits of the era (one scene actually takes place at a Bronski Beat concert), Russell Tovey shows up in a pivotal cameo and Harry Potter‘s Imelda Staunton has a blast waving around a huge pink dildo.

The film, already a big hit in the U.K., begins playing in U.S. theaters today. Watch an exclusive clip below.

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